Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nueva Italia

Dear Family,
Well here I am in Nueva Italia. All is really well here. It is true that it is a bit warmer but it is nice. I don't mind it so far but I hear in a couple months it will be horrible haha. I spent nearly half the week in divisions in the city of Uruapan but I was still able to meet a lot of great people here in New Italy.
It is a branch of about 60 members going to church right now. We have found a couple good future missionaries and some less acitves we are hoping to help also. There are also a couple investigators ready for baptism so we are going to be working to help them with that.
My new companion is Elder Berdon. He has 23 months in the mission so he is about done haha. 
Some members here tell me they are going to make iguana for me to eat with them. How's that sound? Haha. We actually saw one yesterday in the church and it was enormous! A member grabbed it by the tail but it got away. I'll be looking forward to that!

It sounds like you all have some good plans for the week! I hope all goes really well with everything! Keep staying busy!
I don't have too many pics right now but I'll be looking for chances to take some this week!
Sorry it is short but know I love you all and I'll have a good email for you all next week!
Love ya!
Elder O'Brien

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