Saturday, February 23, 2013

On the move

Hey family!!!
Well you are all probably wondering why I am taking so long to write you all this week. Well at 10:15 last night I got a call and I found out that I had changes. I thought it was a joke but it turned out to be serious! I am now in the area Nueva Italia, MIchoacan. I have been on buses for 6-7 hours today! Quite the trip eh? We made it to the area about a half hour ago and so we just got the chance to write! I have no idea what the area is like. I just know that it is another small branch even more out in the middle of nowhere than Tepa was! The attendance here they say is a bit more than Tepa but we'll see how it is Sunday I guess! It is very hot here and it is only February so it'll be nice and warm in June I guess ;) My companion's name is Elder Berdon. He is going home in 5 weeks so we won't be together very long. I suppose I better get to work knowing the area!
 I was up until almost 1:00 last night trying to get everything packed and all ready for the morning because we headed out at 5:30! Very little sleep but I caught back up on the buses haha.
All went really well in Tepa last week. We were able to find 4 new investigators which was way awesome! I was very excited. We also made a poster for so the members can start visiting the website, creating their profiles, and inviting their friends to see it also. We also had a lot planned for the movie night coming up which is cool. We gave the gospel principles class again and we also taught the class of priesthood about home teaching. We really hope that the members will be more excited about their visits knowing and understanding more about why we do the visits.
Thanks for sending me the story I was looking for! I thought that would be something really nice to share with people.
I'm not sure what else to share because I'm new to the area and all. I am excited to be able to work the with people in another strong branch. It will be a great chance to strengthen the branch, the testimonies of its members, and to learn even more!
It was a bit sad to say goodbye to Elder Lopez but he is with Elder Tucker now. Elder Tucker was one of the first people I met here in Mexico and way awesome so I know they will do alright!
I hope you all are doing great and that the Lord is continuing to bless you in everything. Remember to always do the basics of the gospel like it teaches in your gospel principles book. I know if we truly have a testimony of those things and act according to that knowledge the Lord will bless us in a million ways. Never forget that. 
Have a great week and know I love ya!
Elder O'Brien :)

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