Thursday, February 7, 2013

Satisfaction in our Labor

Hey family!
Well another quick week has come and gone!
I still can't believe it is that cold! They are saying this has been one of the colder winters here in Guadalajara also! It's pretty warm here either way so don't worry! ;)
Well we spent nearly all of the week here in Guadalajara. Actually here we are again right now. We had our leadership conferences again. All went pretty well! I learned a lot because there are still things I believe I should be applying. I think that is truly the reason we have the conferences though so we can all become greater missionaries.
Our investigator who has been in teaching since June, finally accepted a baptismal date for the 9th of February. Her son, one of our converts, will do the baptism. We are really excited for her and her son! The only thing is that changes are next week so we'll see if I will be able to attend!
I finally have some letters done to send off! I hope everyone will be able to get them soon!
Not too much else has been going on in the area right now. We lost a lot of time with the conference but we are going to have to work really hard this week to make up for it. We helped finish up working out the home teachers with the Elders Quorum President a couple weeks ago and now we are working with the Relief Society President to get the visiting teachers done also! We feel like the area continues to progress and we really feel satisfaction in our labor.
Oh a couple favors. I wanted to see if you could send me a copy of my mission papers. Like the booklet and all that stuff that you put in the binder. They are asking that we have a copy of that here. Also could Mom and Dad write a little testimony about tithing that I can share with the people here? That would be great! Thank you!
Well we have to get going so we can get back to Tepa on time but I hope you all have an amazing week! Read Mosiah 14 in these next couple days. It is really short but very powerful. I also suggest reading Elder Holland's talk from last conference. They are both really powerful!
May the Lord continue to bless you all and that you may feel His Spirit in every moment. I love you all!
Elder O'Brien

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