Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Little Nudge

Hey there Family ''O''
Well another really quick week has come and gone! Another nice week down here in Tepatitlan. A few more trials this week but all is going well!
That is great that the Sister missionaries got to speak in sacrament meeting! Grandma told me they have a bit of an accent? Can everyone understand them well? I am sure it is exactly the same when people listen to me though! ;) 
McKenzie sounds like she is getting excited to go to Institute which is way cool! I hope she likes it!  Make sure to tell President Evans hi for me!

Wow more kids getting married! I guess that's how life gets after high school!
Haha Ashley sent me an email and said she is studying really hard for finals. Then you send me an email and say the contrary. I guess Ashley's idea of studying hard is 5 minutes a day ;) Haha just kidding Ash!
I do have a backup of all the pictures. Don't worry, I thought ahead for once! ;) If you send another package, send me some old SD cards if you can and I will use them to send you the pictures again.

Well life in Tepatitlan de Morelos, Jalisco, Mexico is pretty normal. This week was a bit slower with trying to find everybody (nearly all of our appointments fell through). We met with members quite a bit though. We had appointments to meet references also but those all fell through sadly. But the good thing is that we are sure the members have friends ready to hear the gospel. Now we just have to make sure we can get an appointment with them! :)
Funny story. We have an investigator who came to church with us yesterday. We were sitting in the sacrament meeting and he was sitting next to me. He was nearly asleep the whole meeting. I wanted it to be a spiritually uplifting experience for him so I had to subtly give a little nudge every couple seconds. That kept me pretty entertained for a while. He never said anything so I don't think he knows I was doing it on purpose! ;)
I am way behind on cards so tell everyone I am sorry! I'll be sending some next week for sure! McKenzie sent me way too many! ;)
Today we are finally going to do something fun on Pday. We are going to go the park with the coolest family in the branch to play. I think we are going to play tennis so I will be horrible but we'll see how it goes! I am way excited though :)
Well I hope you all have a really great week! We'll keep working hard here as the Lord's servants in Tepa and you all keep enjoying life and working hard also! We'll hear from ya next week!
Elder O'Brien ;)

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