Monday, January 7, 2013

Making a difference

Hey family!
Half way through December already! Can you believe it? Pretty crazy!
It sounds like you all had a really great birthday party for mom! Spoiled her nice and good eh? Where did you all go to eat? The girls had a lot of fun with the stick notes huh? They did that to mom's Chrysler?
McKenzie is back home, safe and sound! How is she liking that? Will she have many friends back home right now?
I did get your other package that you sent. Elder Lopez and I really enjoy opening one everyday. I am dying to open the one for Christmas day though! :)
Well right now I am chatting with McKenzie and it looks like we will be skyping on the 24th in the night! We'll see how that goes! :) I need to look up my account information again haha.
Well there were changes again last night but I am still here in Tepa! I'll be completing 7 months here at the end of this change! Crazy huh? I'm pretty sure I'll have to head out at the end of this change but we will see what happens! I am really enjoying it here though because I am really seeing a big change here in the branch! Elder Lopez and I were discussing how big of changes we have seen here. We then set plans of what we would still like to change! It is really great to see that you are really making a difference in people's lives!
We are looking forward to a baptismal service this weekend! It will be a ''white Christmas'' like everyone is saying haha. We're really praying all will work out really well with that!
We had a really awesome Zone Christmas party last week. We played broom hockey but that didn't last too long! You know how us missionaries are. The brooms lasted about 3 minutes! We decided it would be easier to play soccer instead haha. Later we broke piƱatas and ate Chinese food. Stinking Chinese food made me sick though haha. I also got cards from Bishop Millward, Elder Wasden, and Aubrey Palmer. It sounds like all are doing really well!
Well I hope all goes really well for you all this week! Have fun getting ready for Christmas! We'll be seeing you next week!
Love you!
Elder O'Brien :)

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