Saturday, December 22, 2012

The reason we celebrate Christmas

Hello Family!

This week was really great! Elder Lopez and I are really seeing a ton of blessings of the Lord!

Elders O'Brien and Scott--ultimate T Swizzle fans!
First off that is hilarious the thing that the kid said at Justin's farewell! You don't happen to know who said it? I want to shake his hand for that one! Haha! 
I can't believe that Aubrey is going to Honduras for her mission! That is absolutely nuts! She will be heading out way quick! Tell her congratulations!
Suzanne is going on a mission also! Japan! Man everyone is going all over the place!

Julia is already getting married! Golly that was quick! Pania will be married to a Russian man? That is crazy!

I am telling Lopez about all my friends going on missions or getting married and that I will have absolutely NO FRIENDS when I get home haha. I guess Elder Lamm, Elder Murphy and I will be hanging out a lot until summer when everyone else      gets home!

How is McKenzie feeling about finals? I hope all goes really well for her! Finals week in college is the worst!
The package made it to you? That is good! The paper was way nice huh? I had to put paper on it to mail it then they gave me all these way cool papers to choose from so I thought that one would be fun for Christmas huh? How do you all like the fun little trinkets from Mexico?

I haven't heard anything about Skype yet but I will ask the zone leaders tomorrow to find out what they say about it!

We had a really good week actually. Elder Scott and I did divisions again this week! Oh so fun! He is the funniest Elder and I really enjoyed working with him! We took some way awesome pictures. I hope you like them ;)

Another great blessing we had were 2 more references this week! We met them on Sunday at church. They will make great investigators!

I also got to give a talk yesterday with Elder Lopez and our ward mission leader. It went really well actually. I hardly had time to prepare anything but I feel it went well. I talked about the reason we truly celebrate Christmas is to remember the birth of a SAVIOR! We remember his birth because he came to SAVE us! That is why the birth and life of Christ are so important to us, for his atonement. I then explained more about the atonement and the great  change it can cause within us. I then at the end shared how to develop Christ like attributes and use that to share the gospel this Christmas season!

I can really feel the power of the atonement of Christ in my life. I know that through him I can be saved. It is making a great change in me as I apply the atonement every day. I know that ALL can feel that same power. I am so thankful for Christ and the blessings he gives to me.

I hope you all have a really great week! Happy Birthday on Saturday mom!

Love you all!
Elder O'Brien :)

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