Saturday, December 8, 2012

In search of investigadores

Hey family!

It is true it was another really quick week! I saw there is a video on of your dance for the temple. I haven't been able to watch it though. I am sure it is really good! There are also pictures of the temple and it looks WAY WAY nice! I couldn't believe it when I saw it.
It sounds like everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving with the family! I hope all went really well and that you all enjoyed your time together as a family. I am sure all went great! McKenzie is already gone but I am sure you really liked having her home for a while. She will have winter semester off right? She'll be back again before you know it. After a while you'll be wishing she was gone hahaha. ;)
These next four weeks will be way busy huh! It should be good then. Before you know it we'll be Skyping again! I haven't heard too many details about that yet but I'll let you know as soon as I do!
The branch conference went really well here in Tepa. The choir did alright. We didn't have much time to practice but it all turned out pretty well. We increased the attendance even more with 60 people! That was really exciting. We are also expecting 2 more families to go next week which will be really awesome! Things are really starting to progress here which is exciting to see!
We received our first references this week. I was in Guadalajara in divisions when my companion met them but I met one of them yesterday. Kind of a funny old man haha. He seems pretty sincere but is really hard to keep focused. He lives out on a ranch so we'll be seeing him about 2 times a week. I really hope he will be able to progress! Elder Santos, my zone leader, came this last week to meet some of his old investigadores that he knew a year ago. They went to visit them all so we should be getting some good investigadores out of that which is really good! I've been getting a bit more guidance from President Camarillo lately so I'll be working 110% these weeks!
 I did get the chance to watch Elder Holland's talk in Englsh a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed that one! One of my favorites of all time! I really hope that inspired everyone to be a little better and look to be examples and share the gospel every chance they have!
I was a little nervous with President Camarillo coming to our branch this week. We had to teach Gospel Principles and he came to our class. We didn't have anything prepared but we decided to teach about charity and all went really well! I think everyone learned something in that class including me as the teacher! There is always something we can do to improve!
Remember that I love you all! Keep being great and remember to be great!
Love you all!
Elder O'Brien :)
P.S. Read Moroni 7 again. Really study it and see what the Lord has to tell you! :)
P.S.S. The gospel of Jesus Christ. Live it. Love it. Share it! :)

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