Saturday, December 1, 2012

Patience and Love

Hey fam!!!
Well it was another REALLY quick week in the mission! I can't believe how quick they are going by! It is really good though! All is going really well!
Haha it sounds like you are all starting to get really busy! I bet even more with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up! It should be really good though! After all, it's the happiest time of the year! :) Haha.
It sounds like Thanksgiving will be really nice for you all! I am sure McKenzie and Ashley will be happy to set everything up for you that weekend haha. I am going to buy some Christmas lights today because one of the Hermanas here told me where we can buy them really cheap! We are getting excited for it over here! :)
You call McKenzie everyday? Haha. I am sure she loves that! Ah. I wouldn't say every minute but every once in a while haha. It did say in my card from President Monson that I had to call you everyday before the mission but it doesn't say anything about after the mission ;) haha.
Ah you are all so lucky that you will be going to the temple dedication! I am SO jealous! Though we did get to go to the temple again this weekend. It was really great! We will be going there again in a month with the missionaries. That is one of the benefits of Tepa! We always go to the temple! :) It is true at least I will be home for the Meridian temple! Haha married in three years? Hmmmm...who knows!

It is just starting to get cold there? It has been cold here for a while. Well kinda. It gets a little chilly at nights here. I don't remember if I told you but I had to buy a sweater last week so I can put it on at the end of the night. Gives me a little piece of home for a little while :)
Haha Ashley is willing to go on a mission if you send her the 12 days of Christmas eh? Haha that was easy! Be sure to get that in writing! ;) Actually I could see Ashley going on a mission! I think she would enjoy it!  
Not too much else is going on here in Tepa. We are still working with a lot of less active families but there aren't too many so we are doing everything to help them get active again. We don't really have investigators right now so we are working a lot with the members so we can get references out of them. Many of them have mentioned friends that they believe would be interested but we just can't get an appointment set up with them! That is the hard part. Things are always coming up for them which shows that Satan is working really hard! We just have to work even harder than him!
Our zone leaders told our district leader, who told his companion, who told me that we will probably start being in our areas for 6 to 9 months! That is quite a while haha. I was thinking how I already almost have 5 months here so I could wind up being here until March!  that would be quite a while. Everything is in the Lord's hands though so we will see what he does with me!
Elder Lopez is doing really well! He really knows how to work and share his testimony! He is so good at testifying and I really admire him for that. He is coming along really well!
We have zone conferences again this week with an area seventy. It should be really good. I will be going to that on Friday so I will let you know how it goes!
All is going really well though. We talked about patience this week and I can really feel that beginning to develop in me because we all know I am not very patient. I have really been praying to show more patience and love this week, and I can feel those developing. I really know though at times things seem slow all is okay as long as I am diligent in my part and then trust in the Lord for the rest. He will always complete with me as I complete my part.
I hope you all have a really great week and that the Lord will continue to bless everyone in work, school, and everything else they do! Remember to always choose the right and everything will turn out perfect. I think of the song, "I'm trying to be like Jesus''.  As we do what he would do all will be good.
Love you all,
Elder O'Brien :)
The gospel of Jesus Christ. Live it. Love it. Share it! :)

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