Friday, November 23, 2012

And we lived in a state of happiness

Hey family!
Well it was another really really quick week here in Mexico! I can't believe how quick they are going by! Sounds like you and dad enjoyed the weekend! The last time cutting the grass for the winter! Pretty crazy!! Is it getting pretty cold up there? Only one trick or treater. That is pretty sad haha. I guess it is exactly the same as all the other years though haha.

It is crazy that everyone is hitting the year mark. Elder Lamm should be getting there also in about a week I believe! There were changes again yesterday but I am still here with Elder Lopez in Tepa. We look forward to being together until at least the 17th of December!

How does Ashley feel about turning 16 pretty soon? Excited out of her mind I am sure to get some freedom haha.

It is true there is Dairy Queen here. But the one where we went is the only one I have seen. It doesn't have all the burgers and everything. It is just a small little one with Blizzards and other ice cream. Way expensive but we only go there every couple months so we figured it was worth it. :)

That is so great the Sister Wasden was able to make it home! I bet that would be quite the thing to finally go home. She must be so happy! :)

It is true I have been really surprised how many people have been writing me! I know it is really a hard thing for people to sit down and write a letter when you won't even get a response for about 3 months. It is really hard to find time. Even here in the mission there almost isn't time so it is even harder back home! I am really grateful for the letters that I do receive.

This week was really great. It had its slow moments but overall it went really well! We are still working a lot with the members here so we can get the church attendance up. We were able to complete our goal of 55 last month and we are working for 65 this month! We are going to keep visiting everyone so we are able to complete this goal!

We tried started a choir yesterday!! But nobody came....haha. We will see how it goes though cuz we want a choir for the branch conference in 3 weeks and for Christmas! We will keep trying!

We also helped a family move today! Ugh that wore me out haha.

We are hoping to get our first reference tonight so we will see how that goes!

All is going well. I am happy. My companion is well. We are getting along really well also!
I hope the Lord continues to bless you! The branch President shared a very simple scripture in church yesterday that I loved. It simply states "and we lived in a state of happiness." I know as we live obediently we will have the spirit with us and we will live in a state of happiness.

Love you all!!

Elder O'Brien :)

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