Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sweet Music

Hey family!

Well it was a really good week and it was really good to hear from you all also!

That is really good that McKenzie was able to make it home for the weekend! I am sure you all really enjoyed a good weekend with her! Sounds like it went by really fast though (as does every weekend I am sure)!! You will have a while before seeing her again! That is pretty nuts. I am sure that it will fly by though! It's crazy that Porter is headed out already also! Everyone is leaving!

That is crazy that Lauren is headed off on the mission! She will be about 20 when she leaves right? To Paris! That is nuts! I am sure that she will love that! Tell her good luck with that! All the missionaries here are saying the same thing! That we will all be writing our missionaries instead of them writing us hahahaha. Have you heard if anyone else is planning to leave on the mission yet? We had a conference for the trainers and the trainees today and President Camarillo said that there has been a 450 percent increase in papers sent in to go on missions, with over 50 percent of those applications coming from girls! Elder Lucas just told me that the true data are that before 700 applications were received a week and now over 4000!!!! Everyone is responding to the call to serve! Pretty awesome huh! :) We are going to see many changes! I have thought though the harder we are working the harder the adversary will be working! It has come to that point in the history of the world when we have to be that much better!

This was another really great week though! We didn't have any dramatic events. We almost had Maria  ready to get baptized but she still needs just a bit more preparation. She wants to feel a little more sure about her decision. We are really working with her so she can develop the faith to get baptized. 

After the conference today we ate buffet tacos in TacoPlaza which was really good. We then went to eat at Dairy Queen! Oh so good! :) I got a strawberry cheese cake. Tell McKenzie to be jealous! ;)

We have had some really great lessons lately. We have really been looking for ways to be better as missionaries. Last night we shared a lesson with a recent convert looking for a reference. We read in Mosiah 16 I believe it is. The chapter where it is Abinadi reading the words of Isaiah. It is a short chapter but so powerful about the atonement! At one point it describes all Christ did for us and he didn't open his mouth. We then shared how much he has done for us and now it is time for us to open our mouths and share it with everyone else! It was so powerful!

Today I got letters from Lexi, Aubrey, Elder Beus, and Elder Mills. It sounds like everyone is doing really really good! 

Today is also Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday dad!! :)

Well we don't have much time but have a really good week. Read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church. Love others!
The gospel of Jesus Christ. Live it. Love it. Share it!

Love you all!

Elder O'Brien :)

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