Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Engaged in a great work

Hey family!
That's right. One year has already passed! Can you believe it? It scares me a little bit but it makes me want to work even harder and help the people here in Mexico come unto Christ even more.
Poor Sister Rogers! Let her know that all is fine. Austin is eating really well in the MTC . He's really enjoying himself right now, that is for sure! Of course a bit homesick but happy!
Haha what is McKenzie thinking of working in the store? I don't think they celebrate Valentine's day here. I haven't heard anything at least...They just had a holiday yesterday though for the 3 wise men. That is so fun that McKenzie went tubing. The idea of snow blows my mind right now! It has mostly been raining here this week but then the last couple days have been really warm again! It is crazy that it is so cold there! Is everyone dying from the cold?
How did McKenzie like the singles ward? Truly I liked the family wards a LOT more when I was back home. I don't know it probably depends though.

That is so awesome that everyone is getting along so well in the house! Everyone is really enjoying those small chances to be home all together no?

What did Bishop Lords say to you when you gave him a hard time. Tell him that him, Jake, and Cody just need to get out their rifles like when I took Lexi to homecoming haha. Do they still have that picture? We need a copy of it!
Tell Grandma and Uncle John happy birthday for me. John finally hit that big 5-0 eh? I didn't know numbers got that high. ;)
All is going really well here in Tepa. We have a baptism coming up the 19th. We haven't been able to have many lessons with the investigator so we hope that he will be ready! He is a really great guy though! We'll see how that goes! We are meeting a lot of people which makes me happy! We committed some less actives to come to church this week to start the new year but sadly they didn't come. We gotta keep working hard though!
We are working a lot with the members also. What came to my mind last week was that we are really working to set the foundation of Zion. Therefore we must not only work with investigators, but with members also to make sure that all are converted to the Lord 110%. I know the Lord has great things planned here for Tepa! I am truly enjoying the fact that I am engaged in such a great work here in Tepa!

I hope you all have an amazing week! Hopefully everybody doesn't freeze to death! Love you all and have fun in the snow where ever it may be!

Oh, tell Paola thank you for the Christmas presents, I love the shirt and the stuffed bear that she gave me!!!!
Elder O'Brien :)

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