Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Prophesied Time

Hey family!

Well it sounds like this past week was quite the crazy one! All the news really excited me! 

That is so awesome that Taylor got his mission call! How does he feel? I didn't even know there were missionaries out there! I quickly got on to check the news of the church there in Bulgaria. It sounds like it will be quite the adventure for him! 

Kate also got her call! I was checking out the information for where she will be. It sounds like it will be awesome! WAY cold but quite the experience! 

Wish them both the best of luck! :)

Lexi is engaged! WOW! That is nuts! How does she feel? Better, how does bishop feel? Haha! Poor guy! ;) Tell her congratulations also! 

A mission in Nampa! Are you serious! That is super weird haha. Way awesome thought! We'll all have to step it up in Idaho! :)

Well this week went by extremely fast! I couldn't believe it truly! We are starting to meet a lot more people which really excites me and some are beginning to activate themselves in the church. The work is really progressing here which is exciting! We are also wanting to start a class of mission preparation here in Nueva Italia for all the youngins that have the age for the mission. We are waiting to receive some Preach My Gospels but we will be getting those right away! Thanks a million for the letters. I'll be getting those to them right away!

 I should be getting some letters off to people soon. Tell them sorry I take so long. I am such a slacker in that aspect!

Not too much else is new! One cool thing I have been reading in Doctrine in Covenants 88. Starting in verse 72. It gets pretty cool about what is happening right now among us. We truly live in a prophesied time and we are seeing many of those prophecies becoming reality. I am so excited to be hearing about everyone going on their missions because I know we are really building the Lord's kingdom here upon the earth!

So far I am good with everything. The only other thing would be some goodies ;) Haha.

Thanks for all your support! Keep being great everyone! Love ya all! 

Elder O'Brien :)

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