Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good moments

Dear Family O'Brien,
Hey! Well I am in Nueva Italia still! We had a couple of nice warm days here but they say the heat hasn't even started! I think I am going to buy a hammock haha.
Well this week was a bit slower but we are working out the details! We did have a couple good moments though. While on divisions with Elder Garcia we put a baptismal date with an investigator who seems pretty interested! We just need to help him to start coming to church. He and his wife are reading in the Book of Mormon and they liked it a lot. He said they learned a lot from reading it!
Today was a really good day also! Elder Garcia and Elder McCarthy came from the other área and we made tacos together. They were way good actually. We made them with like a camp fire so they had that good outdoor taste but it was way hot! Haha. It was already hot but then we built a fire which made it horrible haha.
We had an activity this week but it was slightly slow. They did a gift exchange for Valentines day which was fun! I got a big bag of chocolates which was nice! I'll send a pic.
We also had a good zone conference this week! It was actually really good! President wrote me today and told me he had big expectations for me here. I better not let him down right?
We are looking to have an even better week this next week! We have plans to start a mission prep class because there are a ton of mission age kids here. We committed one to go on a mission this week. I was so excited when he told us that he decided to go. His family is a bit against it but we're going to help them all out!

May the Lord continue blessing you all! Love ya all!
Elder O'Brien :)

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