Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mexican taters

Hey family!
Well it was another pretty good week! It's getting pretty warm but I'm enjoying it!
Not too much new stuff happening this week. Hopefully we will have a baptism this Saturday! We're really praying for that! His name is Jose and he has about a month listening to us. He started listening just a bit after I got here. He is a really cool guy he just isn't sure about his answer to the Book of Mormon yet. We'll keep working with him and see how it goes!
This last week was Zone Training. It was really good. There I got your Valentine's day package you sent and also some letters from Emily Christensen, the Farris family, the Seminary class, two from Abby and I think that's everyone. It was fun getting pictures from everyone and hearing how they are doing! Your package was way awesome also! I am loving the triple double stuffed Oreos and the Poptarts haha!
We also did divisions this week. I got to work with Elder MacCarthy. He was in the MTC with me so it was really fun to get us back together again. In the zone right now there are 4 of us that were in the MTC together! Pretty crazy huh? While on divisions I gave the baptismal invitation to someone. She answered me kind of weird. She said something about how we weren't going to be friends anymore? I am still a little confused haha. She still listens to us but we'll see how it goes with her.
Oh so some people down here were asking me about the food back home and I had to mention mashed potatoes of course. The problem is that I don't remember very well how to make them. Could you tell me the best way to make some mashed taters for them?
We are seeing improvement here in the church. There were 53 that went to sacrament meeting this week. A bit less than last week but a lot of less actives came this week and those that came the week before didn't come. Now we just need to get them all to come every week together! :)
I hope you all keep have a great week. Wish Mariah, Grandpa, and Ashley happy birthday for me! I hope they all have very happy birthdays! Keep being great and the Lord will bless you all! 
Love ya loads!

Elder O'Brien :)

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