Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Tepa Rain Dance

Hey family!!!! Well it was another pretty good week here in Tepa! Nothing too crazy to report this week but it was another good one for sure!

First off to answer your question, yes we are the only missionaries in Tepa! It's definitely a fun time traveling haha. We plan as well as we can but sometimes we spend up to a half hour walking between appointments! Sounds like a party huh?

It was definitely quite the news when they made the changes for missionaries. Especially the girls. I am sure we will be seeing many more girls leaving for the mission field now! It will be a really big change but I know it is definitely a change the Lord made through the prophet. It seemed a lot of conference dealt with missionary work also and charity. It seems the church is really making a push in that and getting everyone to work! I think it will be an extremely great change! 

It is way awesome that we have so many missionaries out of our ward right now! All over the world too! Pretty crazy!

That is so cool that you got everything done for the Temple open house! Send me some pictures of all of your work as soon as you can! That is so cool that it will be President Monson that will be heading up there to do the dedication. I am definitely very jealous! Have a good time with that! The dance sounds like it will be way awesome! How often are they practicing? What kind of dance are they doing?

That is really good that Sister Wasden is improving! She should be out of there in no time! How long has she been in there? Well over a month no? Or is it two? Either way that is more than enough time. She'll be right out! :)

Wow it is still really warm up there for October! Sounds like Dad will have a lot of work to do next summer planting trees or something out there in the yard! 

Well it was about this time last year that I put up the Christmas lights at college so I decided to keep up the tradition ;) They do celebrate Halloween but they don't really decorate or anything. I hear it is pretty much the same here as back home for Halloween. Kids go around asking for candy haha. They also celebrate the day of the dead but I am not sure which day that is? It is coming up soon though! 

I like how you say I can ask for things I want or NEED in my packages haha.  ;) The only  thing I have been wanting lately is peanut butter! It is SOO expensive here! About 4 dollars for a quarter or less of what is a normal jar of peanut butter. Pretty ridiculous huh?

That is way awesome that Tyler has started training also! He'll be completing a year in just a couple weeks! That is pretty nuts eh? I can't believe that! 

One thing that has really been coming to my mind lately has to do with what you said about every moment is an opportunity. I have been thinking am I utilizing every chance I have to share the gospel with someone. Am I willing to ask the people that randomly start talking to me even though it may come off a little awkward. What I have realized is that I not only should but I MUST utilize every chance I have to share the gospel with the people here. The message I share is the good news of true happiness. I know that it is only through obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ that we are able to find true happiness. If I truly love God's children, my brothers and sisters, I will do all in my power to invite them to listen to this message we bring to the world. 

I think my companion has been down a little bit at moments this week because things are pretty rough here in Tepa. I know he was really meant to come here with me though because he is such a positive guy with such energy. He is really helping the people here in Tepa so much and me also. I am thankful that the Lord is always watching over me and He is blessing me in so many ways. I have learned so much in my time here and I have felt the Spirit of the Lord in my life. Even more in these last couple weeks I have felt the power of the message through the Spirit. I am so grateful that the Lord promises us the Comforter in times of hardship and that great feeling of the Spirit in our daily lives. 

I was reading something that one of the sisters in the Relief Society wrote me a while back that says something like this, ''If we want to be HAPPY we want the SPIRIT of the Lord in our lives. Let us reach out and help others.'' I know that through acts of service we are able to have the Spirit of the Lord more abundantly in our lives. I encourage us all to look for more opportunities to serve that we may ''rejoice together''.

Well I hope this little testimony will help you this week. Thanks for emailing me every week. It is such a joy to hear how everyone is doing! Love you all! Be safe and be great! :)


Elder O'Brien

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