Monday, October 1, 2012

Goin' to the Temple

Hey family! 

Well it was a pretty nice week here in Mexico! Nothing too crazy to report! All went really well though! Another good week trying to help others to understand a little bit more of the gospel!
That is really good that everyone got out on missions! That is a success in itself I suppose!
That is crazy you are taking out the balloons! When you are able to get helium will you put it back up? Why is it so hard to get hold of? Ahhhh McKenzie going on dates already! Well I guess we all knew she had it coming haha. Not much I can do now but in a year and three months those guys better be watching out! ;)
Are you guys going to the game on Thursday? That ought to be a good one! Be sure to let me know how it goes!
At times we have some spicy food. Some of the hermanas down here give me peppers just to watch my face after. I am sure it is pretty hilarious cuz at times they are pretty hot!
Well something cool this week was that Elder Jones came up to Tepatitlan to do divisions. We had a good time together. I really like working with him. I feel like we really work well together and we can really focus in on the needs of the investigators. We spent Friday together and I feel like I really learned a lot! Elder Jones was in the same zone as me in the MTC so we knew a lot of the same teachers and missionaries so we are able to remind each other of stuff the teachers taught us since it has been a while since we were in the MTC! Almost to nine months already! It's pretty crazy! I didn't realize time could go so fast! Elder Jones and I also made chocolate chip cookies and ate Domino's. Classic divisions tradition ;)
The work is getting pretty slow here in Tepa. There are very few members so we are typically visiting the less actives a couple times a week or visiting the few investigators that we have at this time. We have been very blessed and some people have been contacting us in the street. We are hoping they will be able to progress and we will start baptizing again. The last while has been pretty dry haha. We still have faith though and continue working hard day after day! We have a FHE tonight to get our first references so we are really excited!
Changes are a week from today! I am pretty sure I will be staying here in Tepa but we will see what happens! Elder Alvarado will most likely be headed out after 8 months here haha. I hope I don't last that long! Ha. That is a long time in one area!
Oh question mom. Can you send me a french toast recipe! I am pretty sure I know how to do it. Eggs, sugar, milk, cinnamon. Something like that. I want to be sure though haha. I don't want to make myself sick ha.
Well Elder Alvarado and I are going to work hard one more week here in Tepa! We continue to look for the blessings of the Lord and we realize we are receiving many! We are headed to the temple with the branch on Saturday! It will be a great week!
You are all in my prayers and I know the Lord is blessing you in many ways! Love you!
Elder O'Brien :)

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