Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That holiday spirit

Hey family!!!
Well this was a pretty good week! Nothing to complain about for sure! It sounds like you all stayed pretty busy! Ashley included!
So when is the temple open house going to be? I think that is so cool that you get to be part of that! It will look so great in the autumn weather also! How is it up there weather wise right now? Pretty warm still or cooling off? Sounds like you are seeing many miracles taking place up there with this open house. We know it is by obedience and faith we can see these miracles in our lives so keep being righteous!
Conference went really well! I was not able to watch it in English so I didn't understand 100% but the majority for sure! I really felt like I received a lot of personal revelation though so I am able to continue working hard here. I also learned many new ways I can help the members of the church and my investigators! My new companion does speak English. I am not sure how much cuz we don't speak it much but from what I have seen he speaks alright. I can understand him pretty well. 

That is so crazy Mishelle is still in the hospital. I can't believe that! I hope she is getting better. I will really be asking for special blessings for her in my prayers. That must be really hard for her and Dallin. I can't imagine that for Dallin! I hope he is doing alright with it!
Haha Dallin ate his first cow tongue? I am sure he loved that!

Well Christmas is coming up really quick! Today I bought a little tree and some ornaments for it! I also bought us some little stockings cuz I am getting WAY too excited for Christmas! It is coming up quick. If I'm not mistaken only 82 days! I counted a couple days ago so I am not exactly sure but it is something like that! Exciting no? Only 2 more months til we get to talk again! :)
Well this week we didn't get to work much cuz we had P day. Then our meeting on Tuesday in Guadalajara, then Wednesday we worked until 7 then we went to Guadalajara again for a leadership conference in the morning of Thursday and Friday. We got back Friday night and went around reminding everyone of conference on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we watched conference all day and then Sunday we watched it again and then went to visit a couple people at the end of the night! Exciting week no? It was good though so see some of my old missionary friends that are in other areas! I loved conference! I loved most listening to choir sing in English! Ahhh it was amazing!
One thing I am working on this upcoming week is to have more faith. I find that I begin to assume that people aren't going to come to church because they haven't in the past. One thing I was reading in the Liahona is that there is faith to complete the commandments and that is the faith we should teach investigators but there is another type of faith when we are able to see miracles! I know I have the faith to keep the commandments so now I want that faith to see miracles! That is a goal I have!
Well I hope the Lord will continue to bless you this week! Good luck in everything! Be safe. Say family prayer and read together. I really have gained a strong testimony of the difference that makes in our lives. Thanks for everything!
Love you!
Elder O'Brien :)

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