Sunday, October 14, 2012

Great to be a "dad"

Hey family!!!
Well it is true I had my first child last Tuesday morning. His name is Elder Lopez he is from Leon so he is only about 2 hours from his house here in Tepa! Crazy huh? I think that would make me go nuts! He is 18 years old. Not scared of anything which I love. He loves the work and is constantly sharing his testimony. I think he actually came pre-trained. I am just here to make sure he doesn't die or anything haha. ;)
Thanks for the tips to help him. I am going to try to explain really well to him everything we do. That was the hard part for me at first. I walked around just completely lost haha. I think that was definitely because of the language haha.

That is way sweet that the spear came out well. I still think it is really weird that is was a spear this year! That is so awesome that Kayelee won homecoming queen! Tell her congratulations for me!! That is way awesome!
I don't think it is too early to be training. There is another American that is training who only has 6 months. He is training an American. That should be fun for those two.
The weather is good. The same as everyday still haha. Nothing has changed at all!
This week was pretty good though! Nearly all of the investigators were on vacations so we couldn't get too many lessons but I believe we visited every member at least once! We are getting everyone ready to have a real spiritual experience for General Conference! It was a lot different being in charge of everything but all turned out really well. Nothing too bad! We had a lot of good lessons with the members and I could feel the Spirit really strong with Elder Lopez. He hurt his foot from walking so much. Poor guy :) haha.
Elder Lopez seems to be enjoying the work so far though! He will complete 1 month in the mission this week. WAY GREEN! Haha. He is already a pro at missionary work! 
We have a baptism lined up for the 13th of October!  My companion is really excited for that! :) It will be his first one!
It was a good week. I am really excited for conference! It should be a really good week. Be safe and don't have too much fun!
Love you all!
Elder O'Brien

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