Saturday, October 6, 2012

Expecting...great things

Hey family!! How are you all doing?
Well to start off, I have some exciting news for you....I'M PREGNANT!!! Yes I am about to have my first little boy this week. In case you have gotten worried about the meaning of this statement, it means I am TRAINING! Yes that might have sounded a little strange. I'm sure you would rather have heard that from one of your daughters in the far future but it is true! I am PREGNANT. Tomorrow I will be going to the offices to meet my little boy! I am not sure if it will be a Native or an American but we'll let you know next week! They told us last night and I was pretty nervous but I feel pretty good up to this point. It will definitely be an exciting experience! I don't feel qualified but the Lord qualifies those he calls. I think of a saying a friend once told me, The Lord doesn't like comfort zones. He continually moves around his choice servants that they may grow and serve him even more. I know the Lord is preparing something special for me and I am excited to find out just what it is!
That's definitely the exciting news for the week!

I can't believe Mishelle Wasden is still in the hospital.  I hope they can get her healed soon.  She must be going crazy!  Does Dallin know everything that has happened?  I will keep her in my prayers.

That's awesome McKenzie will be coming home for the weekend! Enjoy the weekend with her! That is crazy Zac is already giving his farewell! Oh that sounds so weird to hear! Definitely let him know that he is going to be an awesome missionary! He is going to be rocking that ice cold Russia! At least we know he'll be eating well for the next three months in the MTC. That way he can store up a little fat for the winter ;) hahahaha. Austin Rogers is off to Texas! That's great! Is he speaking English or Spanish?
The only thing I have to say about homecoming is that it is pretty lame they changed the club to a spear? WHY? haha.
What can I say about the statement ''Gone but never forgotten.'' Somethings in life are unforgettable ;)
Ahh man you already had the primary program! That was always my favorite Sunday of the year! How did it go? The usual kids going crazy, making ridiculous faces at those in the crowd, and singing like little angels? ;)
That is an awesome new calling that you got! Enjoy it!!! You be teaching the same stuff as I. Is that different than Gospel Principles?
Well the temple trip went really well! I really enjoyed it! We didn't get home until 10:40 though. I felt like a rebel being out so late haha. We weren't able to have the FHE again but we'll be hoping to have it this week!
Well I've already told you the majority of the news for the week. I will definitely be needing lots of prayers this week. I know that the Lord will guide me on this journey I am starting with a young companion and that through my obedience, prayers, and personal sanctification I will always have the Spirit to guide me in these coming months! I hope you all have an amazing week and that the Lord will continue to bless you all!
Elder O'Brien :)

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