Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who knew it was so simple?

Hey family!! :)
Well it was another really good week in the mission! All seemed to go really well. It definitely had its hard moments but I really feel like I put my heart 100% into the work this week!
We set teaching goals for the month, so Elder Alvarado and I both prayed and we felt there are 4 people we need to work with. We weren't 100% sure where they would come from at first but we knew that should be the goal! We then got the advice from Elder Jones that we should pray to know who those four would be so we could focus ourselves in. We then prayed and wrote down who we felt. Once again we compared and the names were exactly the same! Definitely a week of receiving revelation which was one of my goals for this week!
So far it is looking really rough to see anyone getting baptized this month, but what we have been talking about a lot is faith. I know that I received revelation from the Lord and that He will not fail me in this if I am truly giving 100% everyday! I am not sure how the future will go but I must trust in the Lord and do my part and the blessings will come!
That is really crazy that McKenzie is in college! Her dorm is definitely much nicer than mine! But just so Markus Beus doesn't say anything if he ever reads this, BYU Provo will ever be the Lord's true University ;) It sounds like McKenzie is having a good time up there! You two look pretty down about her leaving haha. That is so weird though that Ashley is the only kid in the house! How is she liking it so far? Bored out of her mind or is she keeping pretty busy?
Sounds like you had lots of fun this week Dad, but how did Mom like that? Haha. Did you find a bunch of information for genealogy at least?
Thanks for the addresses. I sent Dallin a letter a while back. Did he never get it? If not I will send him another one! Tell him to send the college pictures also ;)  Thanks for the updates on Mishelle too.  I can't believe she is still in the hospital.  I will keep her in my prayers.
That's pretty crazy that the blog is already up to 2000 views. I'm not sure why. My letters have been pretty boring lately! There isn't much to do here in Tepa haha. On P day about all we do is wash clothes, clean the house, eat, write the family, then at the end of the day write some letters, sleep, or just chill for a bit. It is kind of sad being an hour away from the rest of the zone haha. 
Oh I had some questions. Is Wade on his mission? Kevin Jurgensmeier? Craig Sanderson? Will you check on that for me please? :)
How is Ashley liking being back in high school? Does she think she in the queen of the world? Haha :)
I hope you all keep receiving the blessings of the Lord in your life! I know it is by the obedience that we receive blessings. One of the greatest blessings we have here on the earth is the family and the Spirit. As we allow the Spirit to be present in our home through obedience and the commandments of the Lord we will truly find happiness in life. That is the secret to happiness. The Spirit! And how do we have the Spirit of the Lord in our lives? By truly living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Keeping his commandments, developing Christlike attributes, searching the scriptures, praying, and by serving others. Who knew it was so simple?? :)
I hope the Lord will continue to bless you all in every aspect of life this week and forever! Keep being great!
Love you!
Elder O'Brien :)

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