Saturday, September 15, 2012

Looking for the Chosen

Hey family!!
Well this was another quick week! I'm not sick today either so I can actually remember it all hahaha.
That is way exciting that you are getting everything ready at the Hobby Center again and making it all pretty! Ha. That is absolutely disgusting though that you've had some stuff in there for 20 years! Haha. I bet it feels great to get that all cleaned out and everything is looking new again!

Kuna got another new football coach eh? Well they already have won one game! That ties the amount of wins they had as a team my Senior year! It is good to hear they started off the year well! Grandma told me that BSU lost their first game to some no namer but BYU won. That's all good with me! :)
That is weird to think that McKenzie is finally off to college! Tell her good luck! She is going to absolutely love it up there! And she will be right next door to Jenny all the time so that's good! Tell her to keep her room clean and help keep the kitchen clean and everything! ;)
I haven't gotten a letter from John and Michelle and them yet but the Zone Leaders are going to the offices on Wednesday I believe so it should be here for next Tuesday! We'll see what they say though?
That is crazy about Mishelle Wasden! I will be sure to keep her in my prayers! I hope everything goes well for her.  Keep me updated on how she is doing.  That must be really difficult for her family.
That is great what is going on with Joey up there in Tijuana. Tell him to keep having fun up there! Will you get me his address please? Also Michael Shreeve's address if you could? :)
Well nothing too crazy to report this week! We have been trying to look for more chosen investigators. Many have been so so in the interest to follow the commandments of the Lord. That is something that has really surprised me more that anything in my mission. The true reason the church membership is fairly small isn't because the people are looking to prove us wrong. I thought I would have to be dealing with that all my mission. But the true reason is that the number of people who truly want to know the will of God in these days is very limited! We were very blessed this week! We found two more very chosen people yesterday and one during the week! One actually started crying the first time we met her!
We went to visit the mom of a less active family and this lady was sitting outside talking with her also. So naturally we introduced ourselves and she asked what we did as missionaries. She then asked us some questions and we wound up explaining part of the Plan of Salvation. It then started to rain so we went inside of her ''garage'' to talk. She told us a story for about an hour about how her son had gotten extremely sick and just how big of a trial that was for her when he nearly died. She was a little teary at one point. We had to be getting back home but I was able to testify of the purpose of life on Earth and we have another appointment to see her on Wednesday.
We also met the girlfriend and the sister of a current investigator. We have baptismal dates for them all at the end of the month. We truly were blessed this week to find so many great new investigators! :)
Something funny this week. I went to make pancakes this morning and we mix it in the blender cuz we don't have a mixing bowl. I put everything in the blender cup thing ready to mix it up. When I went to lift it up EVERYTHING spilled on the counter, on the floor, and on me! I was so confused. I had no idea what happened. When I looked over by the blender machine I saw the bottom of the blender cup. The bottom was not connected! Oh man was that quite a mystery solved and definitely a big mess to clean up! :)
Oh just a heads up for the next package that you send...will you send some marshmallows and graham crackers? I hope you know what I am planning to make :) Oh and pudding mix also if you could! The type where you just add milk ;)
Well it was a really good week and we saw many blessings! I know that obedience, faith, prayer, and fasting really do make a difference for all of us. I hope you have a really good week and that the Lord continues to bless you all in every aspect of life!

Love you all
Elder O'Brien :)

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