Saturday, September 1, 2012

All is well in Tepa

Hey fam!!!

It was another quick week! Hope everything has been going great!! All is going well here in Tepatitlan! Sounds like everyone has been having lots of fun back home in the last couple weeks of summer! Everyone is starting to get busy again that is for sure!
Oh good you got my package! I wasn't sure if it would make it to you or not haha. That's good to know everything made it there safely! Have you started studying you Spanish yet?? ;)
Well I've only got 8 months out but hey it's a going and going quick for that! The language has definitely improved a ton in the last couple months. Elder Alvarado speaks literally zero English so it has definitely helped a ton. It was different having an American companion for so long. Now that the language has improved, I feel much more at home now. I have a feeling I will be here in Tepatitlan til Christmas so if it doesn't feel like home yet it sure will soon! Haha. 
It has already been a year since the sealing! Man time sure goes quick!

You are leaving to Portland again?? Man you spoil Dad way too much! Haha. What is McKenzie thinking to do for her birthday? It is true. Good thing Grandma lives right next door :)
Is McKenzie all packed up and ready to go to college? haha. I'm sure she is just dying to get out the door!
Things have been going pretty well here in Tepa. It was a quick week. We were definitely blessed in many different ways! During the week we worked hard to visit many different people and we were able to see many great results on Sunday. We had  39 people in church!!! It was much better than the 29 last week haha. We were also able to get 5 investigators and 5 less actives to come with us this week. We are going to keep working hard with everyone and we hope we can get more and more in church every week! It is definitely exciting to see!
The spiritual experience this week happened during my interview with President Camarillo. He is doing interviews with everyone and I was the first one. I'm still not sure if that is good or bad hahaha. We got talking and he asked me a question that really got to me! He said, "What do you think your family does at the end of every night? 'Haha man I couldn't hold back the tears when he asked me that. It really made me realize how blessed I am here in the mission because of your prayers and all the help you give to me. Thanks for all that you do for me fam!! :)
A fun experience this week was last night we went to have a FHE and we got to play some games. We are working a lot with the less actives because we still haven't gotten references from anyone. That is the harder thing about being out here in a small branch and we can't contact. We have a FHE tonight though so that should be really helpful to get some good references going!
It sounds like Mark and Dallin had a really good week! That is crazy that Mark's trainer is Elder Henderson! It seems like forever ago that I was with Elder Henderson at EFY. I saw him a bit in the MTC also! Hope they are doing great. Dallin sounds like he is staying busy out there in  New Mexico haha.
Well I am looking forward to another real great week in the mission! I have a feeling I will learn much this week and I know as I look to learn the Lord will help me to receive the revelation to help the people here in Tepatitlan so that we can continue to have more and more people in church and to receive more and more references from the members!
Thanks for everything fam!! Hope you have a great week! Be safe and have fun!

Love ya!!!
Elder O'Brien :)

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