Friday, November 1, 2013

Quite a miracle

Hey there family!

It sounds like all continue to do very well. The internet just went out on us and we had to go running to another place to write. I will try to give a good little letter to you all!

Well the baptism of Ivan went really really well! We started off a bit worried cuz Ivan and his family got there right when the service was about to start. The great part though was that his mom and his little brother were able to go and see also. Hna Liliane (his aunt who just got baptized a month ago) gave what I believe was the best talk on baptism that I have heard on my mission. It is amazing to see the ways in which the Spirit has allowed and helped her to grow in testimony and knowledge so quickly! My companion and I gave the special musical number. In Spanish it is the hymn called ''Brillan rayos de clemencia''. I am not sure which one that is in English but it worked out pretty well even though you all know I do not have the greatest singing voice! :) After the baptism Ivan gave a really great testimony. If someone from outside had showed up in that moment and heard his testimony I am sure they would have thought he had been a member for quite a long while. I am so pleased that I was able to see Ivan as he gained a testimony of the restored gospel of Christ and is now living it.

Another great thing that is going on right now is that the branch president is giving callings to all the less active members who have reactivated, and all the recent converts. It is really showing that this is working out really great for us because 72 people attended the sacrament meeting this week. That was quite a miracle for me because that is now the most people that I have seen in a sacrament meeting here in Mexico.

We also continue to find people to teach. We feel the Lord is blessing us more and more everyday and I just hope that I will continue more and more focused that I may always be worthy of his trust.

I hope Ashley really had a great time there at Homecoming! I know McKenzie is loving college also! I hope all are doing really well and just loving life. After all, the point of the gospel in our lives is to allow us to experience joy and peace in this life and eternal happiness after.

Have a really great week! Remember I love ya all tons! Thanks for all the support I receive from you all!


Elder O'Brien :)

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