Friday, November 22, 2013

Focused and happy

Hey hey Family O'Brien

I think that we are just about in the same boat with the letters getting shorter and more boring haha. I guess that just happens after a while?

All is going really great here. We are seeing a lot of progress in the area and now I feel a lot better about the division that is going to happen in the area. We hope to have it all ready so that when the new missionaries get here all will be ready for them to get working at 100 percent. They will have some good investigators with baptismal dates and lots of less actives to work with. Elder Garcia and I both are really excited for the progress that is seen in the area.

We are really excited for the baptism that is coming up this weekend. Esteban seems really happy and excited also. We are just going to go over the last few points this week and he will be all ready. It seems that a lot of investigators will attend also so Elder Garcia and I want to make sure it is a special spiritual experience for everyone!

Elder Garcia turned 21 this weekend. We had a nice cake with the Nuño family. It was a great cake that they bought. It was a chocolate cake with choco flan on top. Now you all know what I want for my birthday haha. 

One of the greatest experiences of this week was being in church. Nearly the whole week was really cold and slow but when Sunday came around we really saw the blessings of the Lord. 79 people came to church. We were really excited for that! 7 of those people were investigators also. The Lord truly is moving forward His work here.

Time sure seems to be flying by way too quickly. Right now I am working hard to finish all the goals I had set to complete before getting home. It is going really well. I feel really focused and happy right now. Hopefully Elder Garcia and I can keep this same pace going so that the branch will be ready to continue moving forward.

Thanks for everything! Love you all tons and have a great week! :)


Elder O'Brien

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