Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big surprises

Dear Family,

Well another week has quickly come and gone! We had some pretty big surprises which made this week an interesting one for sure!

The week started off pretty well. We met with some less active members and we shared a message with them. Sadly their daughter got sick and they had to take her to the doctor on Sunday! Then Monday night we found out that the mission leadership training would be Wednesday morning in Guadalajara. That was quite an adventure figuring out how we would get everyone there because we had to take a district leader with us who lives two hours away. Overall we found the way to make it work out but sleep was the cost! Elder Garcia and I wake up nearly dead everyday. On the buses we are always dead asleep also. We have definitely learned how to use time wisely haha.

We hoped to schedule some baptismal dates this week but sadly those appointments didn't work out for many reasons, but we are ready to do it finally this week. The really great thing about this week was that we were able to find a lot of new investigators. I believe that all of them came from the recent converts from this year. We are really excited for their enthusiasm to do the work. Nearly all of the recent converts have now received a calling also! We are very very blessed here in the area.

One thing that really impacted me this week was in the conference when we talked about finding new people to teach. It was spoken that we should always be anxious to share the gospel with more and more people.We should always be ready to share a small message of our beliefs with others. That made me realize just how great the commitment to find people with whom to share the gospel is, not just a commitment as full time missionaries, but a commitment that we all make as we take upon us the name of Christ. All of us should be a witness of Christ in every place and every moment. This is the way the work of the Lord will continue. I was reading in Jacob 5 this morning and it teaches that this is the last time that the Lord will prune his vineyard and He has called His servants to help them. He has commanded us to work with all diligence in His work and He promises great blessings to those who are obedient to his mandates. 

Well I hope that you all have a great week! The Lord is greatly blessing us and we must always share those blessings with others! Love you all tons! Take care! :)


Elder O'Brien

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