Thursday, November 14, 2013

Time is coming down quickly

Hey there family! 

Well another week has passed by. It was another quick one with all the tasks that were done. 

Since it was the beginning of the month again we headed to Guadalajara for conference. I would say this was one of my favorites. It was nice being able to see the ways in which we can help our zones more and be better missionaries ourselves. Always on Tuesday night we have a devotional. It was pretty good. President asked me to give my testimony along with another sister missionary because this would be the last leadership council that we would attend. It was a good opportunity to share one more testimony with everyone. We were sure to get pictures with everyone also! Overall a good last conference.

On Friday we had the zone conference. I felt it was a really good one. From the zone here in Chapala, three of us are heading out the 28th of November. It was a good opportunity to get us together and share experiences one more time. We will all see each other as a zone for interview on the 12th once more.

As for the work here in Chapala all continues to go well. We have a baptism coming up on the 23rd. We are excited for him. His name is Estaban, one of those great kids who already turned 9 but never got baptized haha. We are meeting with him to get him all ready for baptism. He seems really excited though. We are hoping that Ivan will be able to baptize him. We will see how everything works out! :)

As far as the recent converts go they are doing really well. Ivan is getting ready to receive the priesthood next week. He also got a calling this week from the branch president. We still aren't sure what the calling is though. He is keeping it quiet haha. Liliane is enjoying her calling a lot also. She makes sure we get fed so she will take good care of us! ;)

We also did divisions this week. I got to work with Elder Garcia (other than my companion). It was another good experience to continue learning. 

One of my favorite experiences from this week was being able to fast. I felt like it was another great opportunity to look for ways to have the Spirit even more in my life. Testimony meeting was really spiritual also. Normally I like testimony meeting because it is the easiest Sunday to translate but this one was different. Everyone seemed to have really great experiences to share with everyone. It was a really strong Spirit as each stood to give testimony of Christ, His atonement, and the ways His atonement is shaping their lives. The attendance continues to go up each week. Many less active families are coming and show many desires to make the gospel and the church more of their lives. It is great to see the progress that is taking place here. I feel it is a great privilege to be a part of it. The Lord has greatly blessed me by allowing me to be here. 

May you all have another great week! The time is coming down quickly which at times brings me much sadness knowing that I will have to leave all these people but I know it will be another great opportunity for them and me to keep growing. The Lord is always allowing us to grow and I pray we may all take those opportunities. 

Love ya tons! Can't wait to see you!


Elder O'Brien :)

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