Saturday, May 25, 2013

Power and Authority

Hey family!

Sorry I couldn't write yesterday. I am sure you have heard but we had a conference with Elder Christofferson. He came with both the missions and we all went to Guadalajara to listen to him. It was really awesome to be able to be with him and hear him talk. He actually knows Spanish which surprised me but was really cool! It was awesome to receive even more direction as to what I should be doing as a missionary!

We also have some other investigators that accepted a baptismal date! It is really great to be able to work with them! I hope that we will be able to help them a lot in these next couple weeks so that they can make this next big step in their lives!

One really cool thing that I liked about this week was seeing just how much the scriptures testify of the importance of prayer. I am reading at the beginning of Alma right now and I am loving just how Alma was able to be such a great missionary because of his dedication to prayer and then teaching with power and authority! I had my prayers answered many, many times this week. I know that God truly hears my prayers and as I fast he hears my cries to him. I give thanks day after day for the chance to communicate with him!

Sorry this is short but we have to get back all the way to the area still and we are running late! I love you all and pray that God blesses you all!

Elder O'Brien

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