Saturday, June 8, 2013

Diligence and Humility

Dear Family,

Well this week was quite the experience! We definitely had quite the adventure the whole week!
Like I mentioned in my last letter I had the chance to listen to Elder Christofferson in Guadalajara! It was really awesome to be able to listen to him and hear his words (which were in Spanish! did you all know he speaks Spanish?). I could really see that he came to teach us exactly what we need to be doing here to be able to have success as missionaries in these missions in Mexico!

We also had interviews with President Camarillo this week! I really enjoyed it to see how I can improve so that I will be able to help even more people every week! He gave me some really good tips and I could see that as I prayed and applied them throughout the week just how much that the Lord could help us in our area!
One blessing that we could see is that a sister who got baptized over 20 years ago came to church for the first time in over 15 years! She also brought her grandchildren with her. We also hope to be able to work with one of her daughters to help her progress in the gospel also! Overall it was a great blessing of the Lord!

We were also able to help a new family come to church this week! It was really awesome cuz they enjoyed it at lot! We hope that they will be able to be very prepared for their baptisms in a couple weeks! It should be a really great experience! This upcoming week we also have zone training! I hope that I will be able to learn even more!
One thing we have been talking more than anything about is the power of prayer, the Book of Mormon and its power in the conversion, and the commitments that we leave with the people. I have been studying the power of these 3 things. As we truly commit ourselves to study the Book of Mormon, truly thinking in what it says and teaches, then we apply those principles to our lives we can truly see miracles. I am reading through the Book of Mormon over again and I currently am reading in Alma. It is amazing to see how many things that happened anciently still happen to us in these days! I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon and the guide that it is for me! Prayer also gives us so many blessings! It gives us direction to what we should do in our lives. It is the way by which we may communicate with our loving Heavenly Father! I know He will truly give us anything righteous that we ask as we put in our part to receive it and we are worthy of what we ask! As we commit ourselves to complete these 2 actions the Lord is able to work miracles in our lives!
We are very excited for the progress in our area right now! We look forward to putting many baptismal dates this week! June should be quite a miracle month for us here! I hope with our diligence and humility our righteous desires will be made reality!
Thanks for all the support from everyone! It is great to hear from you all! It is great to see the ways in which the Lord is blessing you all!
Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder O'Brien :)

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