Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prayer of Faith

Hey family! 

Well this week seemed to go by extremely quick again but it was another really good one! It sounds like you all had a really good time also being able to go to Salt Lake! I am glad that all went really well for the wedding. Hope it didn't stress ya all out too much. But hey if it wasn't stressful what fun would it be? :)

We had our zone conference again this week which was good! I really enjoyed it! We also had one lesson that was extremely good! It was with our investigator who is just at the point to get baptized. We prepared a really good lesson about repentance to share with her! It seemed to go extremely well and she even started praying to know when she should get baptized! She is extremely close, and we just want to help to to get that last assurance that this is the right path.

We are also going to have a really cool Family Home Evening today. We hope that all goes as planned. We are hoping to be able to meet a lot of new investigators but we will have to see how it goes! 

We have met a few cool people lately but they really didn't progress too much so we are hoping to find some truly chosen investigators who are ready to receive the message of the gospel! 

In my prayers lately I have been trying to really give that prayer of faith I was mentioning! I am trying to put all my heart into my prayers. Really focusing to remember that I am truly talking to my Heavenly Father. I have been putting a lot of goals with him. Telling Him with faith for the things I want to complete and asking for His help. Also asking for forgiveness when I realize something in which I should improve. I have noticed that in this way I feel I am accelerating faster than ever personally and receiving much more revelation.

One example is the lesson that we gave about repentance.  While praying in the night I felt that we should talk about that with our investigator.  So I got up in the night and wrote that down with some scriptures that came to my mind. Then the next morning when we went to share that lesson with those scriptures it turned out to be one of the best lessons I have ever had. 

Another really cool experience I had this week was the chance to be able to give a baptismal interview. It was really great to see just how great of a change the message we share had in the life of one person. She was able to give great testimony of the things my companions had taught her and it was so obvious she was ready to be baptized and join the true fold of God.

I am so grateful for this time that I have to serve the Lord and I am so grateful for all that He is teaching me. I pray that I may be the best servant I can be for these two years. 

Thank you for all your support! Have a really great Mothers day mom and grandma! I am really excited to be able to talk to you all on Sunday! See ya there! :)


Elder O'Brien 

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