Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Piano man

Hey family what's up? 

Well it is true I did have changes. I am in..........the same zone......but in a different area. It is about one hour outside of Guadalajara. Out here it is much smaller and spread out. It's more like Mexico how you would imagine it. There are more fields and animals which is nice.  My new companion is named Elder Alvarado. We both have six months in the mission so we are two youngins trying to conquer the world! He is from southern Mexico ...chompoton, campache he says is the name. He was a fisherman before his mission. He is a convert of 6 years and is 26 years old! Crazy huh! He is a really funny guy. 

The first couple days were kind of a challenge. They had some really good investigators out here they just needed to understand the reason we are missionaries a little better so we spent the first couple days working that out. In the end it was all good though! There is one getting ready for baptism next Sunday so it should be really great!

That is great it is getting to be summer out there! I thought missing summer would be the hardest part for me but I have been fine without it so far. Probably because just about everyday down here is summer haha. I can't believe tomorrow is already the 4th of July! Oh man time just goes by too quickly! As of last week 6 months are down! Made it over that hump! Now just have to make it until Christmas to complete a year!

What are you planning to do this year for the 4th of July?  Hopefully having a BBQ! Sounds like you are all really busy though!

Wow Brennan and Cody are already back! It seems like just a bit ago that they were leaving! I received a letter from one of Corianne's roommates from BYU and she said Cody would be heading down there in the fall to room with Brady Christensen. He'll have lots of fun with that!

Well not too many crazy things happened this week. Just got out to the new area! I like it a lot out here! It is only a branch and we meet in a house of prayer on Sundays. Man it is way different yet refreshing to know that though there are so few members they are  willing to meet there none the less. They are really hoping to get a chapel built and are really willing to do anything so they can. That really puts a lot of weight on my shoulders though to start building the kingdom of God out here so they will have a big enough congregation. But in a city of about 100,000 people and we are the only missionaries in the area, we are bound to find some people who are willing to listen!

This week was really great cuz we had the chance to fast a couple times. I was studying a lot on how I could invite the Spirit more into the lessons because at times I feel I am just teaching and not allowing the Spirit to do the teaching! Some great ways I found were to pray with real intent and be very specific for the blessing we need, fast, and TEACHIFY meaning to teach but really more than anything testify of the truth of what you teach. Another thing we tried was singing hymns. It truly did invite the Spirit into our lessons. I thought a woman was going to cry in a lesson we were having! It was great! That sounds really weird but different things excite you when you are on a mission! Haha.

Overall it was a good week though!

Oh guess what else I had to do on Sunday! Play the stinkin' piano!! Haha. Geez that was interesting! After zero practice for years then playing in church. I was very thankful to know they had a simplified hymns booklet! I practiced for about 10 minutes before the meeting started then it was time to rock and roll. Though obviously I didn't do perfect I felt it went pretty well! I'll need to get some practice in sometime though! Thank you for making me practice piano mom! Haha. Never thought I would say that.

Well hope you all have a great 4th of July and that everyone is safe! Keep being great and and enjoying yourselves. You're all in my prayers!

Love ya!
Elder O'Brien :)

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