Saturday, July 28, 2012

Be There

Hey fam!!!

Well this week was full of blessings and I really enjoyed it!!

That is too bad that the girls aren't able to corn top this year. I am sure they are hating that hahaha :) So McKenzie is babysitting a lot and is Ashley working in the store just about every day? I am sure she is loving that also haha.

McKenzie is seriously going to Lake Powell?? Dang that girl is lucky! She is going to get fried I can already tell haha. Tell her to wear her sunscreen. That is sweet she will be hanging on a lake boat down there! She will have so much fun with that! I am expecting to do that when I get home haha.

That is WAY WAY awesome that you will be on the decorating committee for the temple! You will definitely have to be keeping me updated with that! I know you will do awesome with that! It is going to look awesome! Oh have they announced where the Meridian temple will be built? I bet you will be asked to help out with that one also when they get ready to open it! :)

Doing what he does best--play!

That is awesome all went well with BYS! Oh I bet they had an absolute blast with everything! I really really really want to see some pictures of that! I bet they were all just dead though by the end haha. I remember I was always so tired as a participant and even more tired when I went to be a counselor cuz we had even more to do and we were always stressed if the kids were having fun and didn't feel left out or anything. 

New bishop eh? That sounds really weird! I can't believe that Bishop Lords is out! I am excited for Bishop Millward though and his counselors. It sounds like they will all do really great! Tell Bishop Lords thanks for all he did though. Really he shaped me into who I am today. He really made me understand the importance to be an example to others in all things. He taught me to be brave and stand up for what I believe in all things because I never really stand alone when I stand with and for God. He really helped me in every aspect of life. 

That is so crazy that Mark is gone! Ahhh!! All my friends are gone! That is so weird to think. But it really makes you grateful for all the great friends you have. How a bunch of kids from little Kuna, Idaho all supported one another throughout their childhoods and teenage years and now all of us are out serving missions and helping bring our brothers and sisters unto Christ. It really helps you to realize you never truly know how big of an impact you can make in the life of others. My friends did so much for me and I am so proud to say every single one of us are serving missions now.

Dang it is hotter in Idaho than it is in Mexico. I would guess that it is only in the eighties down here. I don't really know though. My internal thermometer is totally thrown off now. 

I do have to wait to get my letters and packages until someone goes to the offices and usually it is only the Zone Leaders that go to the offices once a month so it is typically once a month. It really does help to stay focused though. Once I get the letters though it is a bunch at once so it takes forever to write everyone back! 

Elder O'Brien and Nataly
One of the greatest things that I have learned this week was to really take time to love the people. One of the letters that McKenzie sent to me when I had just left said ''If you're gonna be there.'' I really thought about that a lot this week. I am always stressed about the appointments that we have so I put a goal not to always be so stressed all the time and just really focus in on the people this week. I really tried with all my efforts and it was amazing what a difference it made. When I really took the advice and decided I would put all my efforts into this investigator for the hour I have with him I could really feel the Spirit guide me much more. I really felt like I was helping the investigators and they were able to progress much more and I could see their faith increase! I am so grateful for the Spirit and the way it guides me in this work.

Be sure to get me Elder Wasden's address ASAP please :) 

Thanks fam for everything and the pictures you sent. McKenzie and Ashley look so much older already! Haha. It is crazy! Mark looks great too! The Perrins look so much older also! Dang. Tell Austin he still can't get a girl though haha.

Love you guys and hope you have another great week! 

Elder O'Brien :)

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