Thursday, August 9, 2012

Double dippin'

Hey fam!!!!!

Mom you have glasses? I never knew that......

Sounds like you are having a blast up there working so much haha. McKenzie will definitely be having a blast there in Lake Powell! That is so fun! Grandpa I am sure is going to love it there up at the cabin haha. It is good they had a nice time and made it back safe. Grandma told me they caught some good fish up there in Deadwood! 

That is scary Ashley is going to start driver's ed haha. Has she been out practicing with Dad in the parking lot of the church more? 

Ahh I didn't think I would miss the Olympics at all and had totally forgot all about them but we went to eat with the branch President on Saturday and he was watching them and I was dying haha!!! Oh man he was watching volleyball, swimming, and basketball. Ahhh man that was hard haha.

That is a fun idea for your sharing time. Which reminds me I need your help for some ideas here in Tepatitlan.  We are focusing on the less active members so we can get them all callings, temple recommends, starting their family history, and ordaining the men in the priesthood. It is so great and I am really excited. But what I need help with is some ideas of activities that we can do to get the members to bring their friends to activities that will get them mingling with members. I had some ideas such as watching movies of the church like the Joseph Smith movie or the Testaments and others like that, having a night to play board games in the church here, get the youth to do service and have times where the young men just go out to play sports. I am also going to start teaching English classes down here. What other ideas can you think of? We can't do anything too crazy yet cuz there are only about 60 active members and our church is actually a house of prayer. It is literally a house hahaha. It works though. Let me know if you can think of anything please!! Or if someone is reading the blog and has an idea they can send you an email ( and then you can send it to me!

Nothing too crazy happened this week. We had a baptism for a lady that was already a member. Everyone knew she was baptized but we couldn't find her paperwork so we gave her a dip again haha. We met some really cool new families so we hope to see them progress in the gospel. My companion is excited cuz one family has the same last name as him haha. 

Really what I have learned this week is to work with the members to strengthen their testimonies so we can do even greater! As we work together we will really see much more success. With 60 missionaries instead of 2 it will be great and we can accomplish much more!!

Well that's about it for this week. Oh all your packages are here! One of the secretaries told me I have 3 sitting there. Zone leaders need to bring them. I heard they are going on Wednesday so I will bug them til they bring it haha. One is my trainer so I hope he will be merciful.

Oh another favor. Can you send me another journal?  Please do it soon though so I have a place to keep writing. Don't worry I write every night. I have only missed once haha.

Well that's about it. Thanks for everything and all your support. I am really grateful for your emails every week cuz it really helps me to work hard all week.

Love you all,

Elder O'Brien :)

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