Saturday, July 21, 2012

Branching out

Hey fam!! 

I bet it was a quick week for you and it was a very quick week for me! This one just seemed to fly by! We kept really busy as well!
Well not too many crazy things happened this week. We had another baptism which was awesome!!!! His name is Edgar and he is 16 years old. He is way awesome because his siblings want nothing to do with the church and his parents are still thinking about it but he got baptized all by himself! He is a really great kid and an example to everyone here. He wants to go on a mission in a couple years which is way exciting to hear! We are hoping for a couple more this week but they have been a little harder to work with lately so we will see how it goes! 

Well that was awfully quick for grandma and grandpa to get back haha. I'm sure that Ashley just loved going to work with you this week haha. Is she already done corntopping or what? 

You are getting copies of Dallin's letters? Send them to me also! He can't send them to me but you can forward them all. What I can do is take a picture of the letter I was going to send to Dallin and you can send it to his mom then he can write a reply to me. How does that sound? Oh and with the SD card I am getting it ready for you today then I will be able to send it next week! Don't worry it will be there soon! Mark is already heading off also? I bet he already sent me a letter in reply to the one he sent me a couple weeks ago! I'll just ask you for the address when he gets out the MTC in a copule weeks. Tell him good luck though!

Oh man! They are going to love BYS!! AHHHH! I already miss it! haha. I loved going to BYS and being a counselor.  It was so fun.

There will be a lot of changes in missionary work here because we are going to be doing a pilot program. We aren't allowed to tell anyone down here the details yet though. We don't know when it all starts. I know the starts next month supposedly. I will give you more details when I hear more. I know it involves working with members a lot more so it should be great!

That is way awesome that you are talking to Paola. Haha don't worry I am sure you won't say anything to offend her. Just send this first ''Perdon Paola, no hablamos español, esperamos que no nos digan algo raro. Elder O'Brien es tan guapo'' haha. Google translate that!

That really bites that the air conditioner went out! Did you get it fixed?

The weather down here is really good right now. A little chilly in the nights actually. It is still the rainy season so it rains quite a bit! The new area is nice! People here are really devote Catholics but it makes things interesting. There are lots of stores close by but they are all really small little ones. We usually go to a bigger store to do most the shopping on P day then if we need something during the week we just run over there. It is a branch here. Yesterday only 22 people showed up to sacrament meeting. It was much smaller than normal. Normally we get 40 or so. It is cool to really help such a small area grow!
That's fun that Abby wrote that. Tell her she is awesome but quit wimping out and write me a dang letter and send pictures haha. 

Oh and tell everyone that is what I want most. Pictures of everyone to see what everyone is up to! 

Everything went really great this week though. I felt Elder Alvarado and I really started working well together in the lessons so that is way nice. It is hard to transition between companions at times but we got it done.

I sent letters off to everyone today so they will be getting them in about a month. I included some pictures I printed off also! 

Well I am going to go so I can get the pictures ready for ya but love you and hope everyone has another really good week! I am doing really great right now and I hope you are all happy and healthy. Keep being great and remember to be examples. It is the daily effort that makes all the difference. 

Love ya!

Elder O'Brien ;)

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