Tuesday, July 17, 2012

country livin' and shaky bridges

Hey fam!!!!

Well this was quite the week so here it goes!

Well to answer your question about my companion, no he does not speak English except for about the three words he knew before I met him and what I have taught him up to this point. He was baptized about 6 years ago. I know the missionaries met him, and his girlfriend is a member so I just assume the rest is a typical LDS love story novel ha ha. We don't have a ton in common. We both like to help others? He is a fisherman so I guess that is common ha ha. He likes to joke around a lot which is fun also. The Spanish with him is good. He uses a lot of slang which makes it fun to try to understand him at times. It is good though to help me learn it because when we are talking to other people they use it a lot also.

So you took video of Brennan Leavitt getting off the plane? I bet his family was going crazy. A sign with lights for Cody?  That reminds me of how I asked Lexi to homecoming ha ha.

The 4th of July went well eh? Did you and dad go to Melba for the fireworks or did you wimp out again? That is good that you got all that work done! Work hard, play hard! Ha ha.

Yeah Pao is short for Paola who was one of the people I baptized a couple months ago! She is way cool! Yeah definitely add her as a friend on facebook! She won't be able to speak English but you can easily just copy and paste what she says into google translate and it will translate it to English. Pueden hacerlo con esta oraction tambien si quieren practicar ha ha.  Nataly is the daughter of Paola. She put that picture on there so you wouldn't be afraid to add her on facebook ha ha.

The Lord is definitely putting a lot of trust in us putting two young Elders together. I have really realized how great of an opportunity this is for me to grow! There are things we are both going to struggle with but together we can really see a lot of great things take place here in my new area. It is a great time for me to develop as a leader and really show the Lord that I am here to work.

Ha ha I am definitely having to improve in my piano abilities. I had to do it for our baptismal service yesterday also and it went well again! I definitely need a lot of practice still! Oh yeah we had a baptism yesterday. Her name was Elizabeth. She was a real cool lady. I only met her once before the baptism but she is really great! She was so excited to get baptized!!

The new area is really nice. Much smaller! The people are really devote Catholics which makes things really interesting. We have had some good success though which is really great! We met some great new people this week and look forward to working with them! We are also hoping to have two more baptisms on this Saturday. It reminds me more of home because it is much more spread out and there are cows and fields and all that good stuff. We don't go that far out into all that stuff much but at least we get a small glimpse.

A cool thing that happened this week was when Elder Alvarado and I were crossing this big bridge a semi drove by and the bridge literally started to move up and down. Oh man it was NUTS!!! Definitely not walking across that bridge again though ha ha.

Elder Jones and I worked on Friday together because he is the district leader now so he came to do our interview for the baptism. We had lots of fun together and I really learned a lot from him on how to teach better. He is coming again this Friday to do the interviews for this week. We are definitely ordering pizza for when we get home in the night ha ha.

That is exciting everyone in Melba is doing so well! Tell them all hi when you head out there for Mark's farewell! Tell him hi for me and he better have written me a reply ha ha. Ask him for his address also. Oh can you also get Dallin's address for when he goes to the field also please? Thanks!

Well thanks for all the great stories and for keeping me updated with everything! It really means a lot to hear from you and to know everyone back home is doing so well! The biggest lesson I have learned this week was about love and charity. I feel at times I expect all my companions and just everyone on the mission out here to be perfect and that everything should just go the way I want it to. Obviously life doesn't work that way. Life is a roller coaster and it is always throwing curve balls at us. These experiences help us to grow. Also we all are here on the earth to help one another. No one is perfect and we can't get mad over the mistakes of others, we are to help them learn and grow from their mistakes and we will learn and grow with them also.

Well it was a great week and I look forward to lots more to come. I thank my Heavenly Father for every day I have to wake up and be a representative of Jesus Christ for one more day. Keep being great! Remember to say your prayers and read your scriptures everyday because by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

Love you all! You are in my prayers,

Elder O'Brien ;)

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