Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reap what you sew

Hey family!

Man McKenzie regressed quick! From young womens back to primary! How is she liking that by the way! It's a blast for sure! It is good that Ashley enjoyed herself up at girls camp! Good thing she took all the jokes so well also! She really is growing up a lot! Oh testimony meeting up there is always the best because you get to hear the testimonies of all those around you which strengthens your own testimony so much more!
From McKenzie's letter it sounds like she is staying really busy also! And grandma told me she and grandpa caught 60 fish over the week! Man that had to be fun for them!

Man our family is just going crazy in the church lately! Something I have really learned in the mission is just how important all the auxiliary organizations of the church are. They all help to strengthen the testimonies of the members of the ward and allow a way of support between one another. 

Well McKenzie is telling me I need to start telling more funny stories so here is one from this past week....

learning to sew. Ouch!
Last monday night I was on splits with Elder Peña. We were walking and something ripped the side of my pants, then I saw the tail light of a car fall on the ground. Apparently the tail light was sticking off a bit so when I walked by it caught my pants and just ripped them! Don't worry though. No skin was showing so I was still modest! We were also in a trio this past week with Elder Pathakis and he showed me how to sew. I got a couple pictures. It wasn't my finest   work but hey they are work pants and it's all good haha. 

Well normally transfers would be today but they are going to be tomorrow instead for some reason. I have heard I am going to a new zone in the mission which is the really rich area of Guadalajara. I won't find out until tonight so you'll have to wait until next week to find out haha. 

Overall this week went really well. I felt I really had to step up as a leader these last few weeks and I have realized what a blessing it has been for me! Looking through my patriarchal blessing I am starting to realize why I was put here in this area. I really had doubts about it at first but now I am very glad for the time I had to serve in this area!

This week I got quite a few letters. I also got a letter from Dallin last week. Do you know his address in the field though? I am going to wait until he is leaving the MTC to send it cuz I don't think it would get to the MTC before he leaves. Also have you found Josh Freeman's address yet?

Well thanks for everything and all the support. I don't know if I told you but I got the package with the pictures of Christ and everything! Thanks for that! No I didn't send my letters home to you. I am keeping them in a box here. Hope you all have a good week. Hasta luego! 



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