Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's not about numbers

Hey fam!!!

Well unbelievably it is already Monday again! This was by far the fastest week I have had in the mission! I think back to the things I did the week before and it literally seems about two days ago. 

That is way cool you met that sister missionary from down here! Was she good at speaking English? Sadly I believe that her grandma would be in the other mission but I will pass the information to President Jesperson right after I send this to all you!

I have definitely eaten tortas ahogadas here! Guadalajara is famous for them and there is literally a place to eat them on every corner. They are dang good! They are kind of like a sandwich with meat dipped in this really good sauce. I am not sure if I have eaten carne en su jugo. That means meat in its own juice so it sounds kind of weird. They say it is good but I don´t believe I have tried it!

It is true what you say though. This week Elder Kennedy studied the Christlike attributes of love and patience and it was exactly what I needed. I realized a mission isn´t all about baptizing the world and putting up big numbers. As long as I am truly truly truly trying my best I will have served the Lord well and I will be more than satisfied with my mission. 

I heard from Ashley what all you sent to Mishelle Wasden!  Hahahaha! Is she doing better now? Soon we will all be gone so all you moms can just have a cry day together. That would be fun right?

That was just cruel waiting to tell me where Zac was going until the next email. 
That is tight that Zac is going to Russia. That is also where Aubrey Palmer's older sister is serving. I'm not sure which mission in Russia though so they probably aren't together but we will see!

This week wasn´t my and Elder Kennedy´s best week. I felt we truly learned a lot though. We say we have finally learned the key to success so now we are ready to unlock the door to it! I was much more patient on Sunday even though many of our investigators were not available. I really tried to be understanding though. This week during studies I am really going to try to put myself in the shoes of my investigators and try to find a way to explain the church better so I can learn how to teach and make going to church exciting for them and help them see how grand of a blessing it truly is.

Not too many crazy things happened this week that I can remember. We had a pretty dang good rain storm! Elder Kennedy got a really cool video of the lightining but I didn't have such good luck with my timing.

Ashley sent me about the coolest picture ever! Hahaha. I was about to cry when I saw it! haha. The people we baptized about three weeks ago put on Taylor Swift when we went to eat with them and I was like "ahhhhhhh!!!!! I can¨t listen. I´m such a sinner! Ahhhhh!!!" They are really cool.

Today for P day we just hung out as a zone in one of the chapels and played soccer, kickball, and ate a bunch of pizza. It was pretty chill. That is why I am writing so late this week. 

Well all is well for now in Mexico! I am really excited to work with all our new investigators and we are looking to have a baptism this weekend. Her name is Josefina and really likes winking at me a lot. But then again who doesn´t....hahahahaha!!!! Hope mom liked that one!

Well have a good week! Work hard! Good luck with inventory and hope all goes well with that!

Remember you are always in my prayers. Love ya!!

Elder O´Brien ;)

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