Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elder "Guapo" strikes again!

Hey fam!!

Well it was a pretty dang good week down here in Guadalajara!! Still nice and warm as usual. 

I'm excited for the package but just so you know I can't read any books besides the ones I already have down here so don't worry about sending those down here! I'll be sure to read them when I get home though!

Larie is getting serious also! What is she thinking?! I have heard about Elder Baxter yes. He was a zone leader in the zone I am in right now. We actually lived in the same house! But he lived there about a year and three months before I did. He was actually companions with my current companion for a while a year ago! I heard he is a good guy so that is good for her!

I still haven't got that last package yet. I am guessing that it has been sitting the offices for a while and nobody has brought it yet. Trust me it takes patience with mail here. I could probably wait like two months to get it!

Yeah I was thinking that Cody should be getting home soon! That willl be quite a full sacrament meeting the ward will have that day! 

That is exciting that McKenzie is able to be a BYS leader! Tell her not to worry or stress because it's really fun.

Oh funny story. There was an announcement for a dance up on the bulletin at the church with some pictures of some guys and girls on it just to kind of give life to the announcement. On top of one of the pictures of the guys some one wrote ''Elder O'Brien''. Then below it said ''guapo''. I'll leave it to you to look up what that means ;)

Another question. I have been meaning to ask but has McKenzie gotten her patriarchical blessing yet? If not tell her to get on that! Haha. 

Oh some things I wanted you to look around for. They are some books of the church that I hear are not very common anymore cuz the chruch quit printing them. But I have heard some of the stuff they explain and I really want to read them when I get back so I was hoping you could look around for them on Ebay or something. They are:''Mormon Doctrine' ''Doctrine of Salvation'' and ''The House of the Lord''. Gracias! 

Josefina, Elder Kennedy and me

Well we had a baptism this week! She is an older lady named Josefina. She had been to church many times before, so we pretty much just had to review the lessons and have an interview with her. She thought it was funny I couldn't speak spanish as good as Elder Kennedy so she would always make me teach the whole lesson to make me practice. It was good for me for sure becuase I had been studying different ways to present the lessons so it was a great way to practice them! She also asked me to baptize her which was nice! We had to do it at 8 in the morning on Sunday so we were up at 5:30 to get everything ready! Dang I was tired that day!

We have been finding lots of great families lately! It has been great to find some people to be teaching here. I am thinking I will have changes in a couple weeks so I won't be able to see them get baptized but it is good to know all the efforts we put in everyday are really paying off!

Well overall it was a good week. Time is truly going by quicker and quicker. Only a year and a half more! Man that is scary to say!
Love ya all! Keep being great!
Elder O'Brien ;)

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