Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Big 5!

Hey fam!!!

Sounds like it was a nice and busy week for everyone! That is always good! Makes the time go by much quicker!

Sounds like McKenzie´s week was just nuts!! How did she like going to Lagoon with everyone? I bet she was absolutely exhausted when she got back! The pictures look great! Ahhh it is so good to see everyone doing so well! I just smile every time I see everybody!  

That´s great all went well with Dallin´s farewell. Have McKenzie send him a text and tell him ''good luck buddy you'll do great!'' Tell Joey also cuz he will be heading out soon as well! Will you get me both their MTC addresses and mission field addresses? I also need Tyler's still and TJ's for when he is in  Argentina. See also if you can get Josh Freeman's and Nik Dudley's.  Thanks!! :)

The only other thing for a package would be a copy of the Liahona with the general conference talks if you haven't sent that already! Also a copy of the  October 2011 Ensign. Please!  Gracias! 

cool Elder action figures!

Overall everything is going great! We have some great investigators that I am really excited to work with! Now we are really pushing with the ward to start working together so we can get references and others to come to lessons with us. A new idea we had was to start handing out Family Proclamations to the members to put  in their houses and another one to give away to a neighbor or friend. What other ideas do you all have?

Today I went and signed a Visa paper so I am all legal so all is well with that! I shouldn´t get deported from the country for a little while at least.

Other than that nothing too exciting has happened lately. We are just working hard and the time seems to go by faster and faster each week. Today I am officially at five months.   THE BIG  5!!!   Well that is my lucky number so this should be a good month. 

Oh send me more printed pictures also. If they are really blurry like those other ones don´t worry about it. It is nice to have copies I can have in the house.

Thanks for everything! It was great to hear from you! Still haven't been sick so all is well!! Cross your fingers!! Thanks for all your support!



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