Sunday, May 27, 2012

What, no stretchy pants?

 Hey fam!

Good to hear from you! It sounds like everyone is keeping busy as usual! That's always good to hear!

How did McKenzie like going up in front of everyone at seminary graduation? She wasn't too nervous was she?  I imagine she did great! Tell Sister Farris hi!! I miss those cereal days at their house so I always buy cereal to eat at night after planning haha.  The cereal is way better  down here! I think they put a lot more sugar on it!! haha. I sent Bekah a letter for her birthday a while back. Tell Kayelee and Anna happy birthday also! Their birthdays are coming up real quick here!

Sounds like our family is getting pretty famous.  I am not sure if that is good or bad? haha. Just kidding. I remember listening to Elder Bednar's talk for priesthood session and thinking man....Elder Bednar and  I lived like the same life haha.

Our week went really well.  We had three baptisms this week. They are a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter. We are working with the husband also. He didn't really want to listen to us before but he got a little teary eyed at the baptism so we are going to keep working with him.  He's just not too sure about the word of wisdom still.

Oh question. Could you send  me a scripture case for my Book of Mormon and Bible. They are 8 .5 by 5.75  inches I believe. It would  be nice just too keep them in good condition and all.

 Oh cool thing....I met a muslim yesterday! A muslim in Mexico!!!   What are the odds?!  Another cool fact...yes I a luchador mask like Nacho Libre. They are only like 9 dollars and way sweet! I want to bring a lot back! I will get one for all you guys for sure!

Something else cool happened yesterday. A lady we contacted a whole week ago showed up to church  on her own!  We talked to her last Sunday and she told us she would show up the next week  if she could, and she actually did!!!  We didn't even recognize her until we asked who she was cuz she didn't look familiar.

It was another good stressful week! Another transfer has gone by. I am still in the same area for another 6 weeks with Elder Kennedy. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Last night we discussed things we learned this transfer and how we would change accordingly. I am really looking forward to this transfer. I really have learned a lot and  I will be finished with training in two weeks. I normally would have  finished today but  becuase I was in Spokane and the MTC for two weeks it got thrown off.

I am  going to send letters back  for the first time since I got to Mexico! Tell everyone sorry! I wrote some letters over a month ago I still haven't sent. Especially tell Mark though not to fret because it is on its way in a couple hours!

Well I look forward to hearing from you again! Thanks for keeping me updated with everything! You guys are the best!!

Send pictures of graduation!

 Love ya!

Elder O'Brien

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