Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trial of our faith

Up on the roof!
Hey fam!!!

Saturday was way fun! It went WAY too fast though! Seemed like we hardly even got to talk! 

Well I have already told you about most of the week but yeah it went well. It definitely had its trials. We went contacting a lot because we felt many of our investigators were not truly interested so many have had to be dropped lately. So we set out to find all the ´´escogidos´´ as we call them, which means the chosen, the ones who are ready to accept the gospel at this time. Oh man we found a lot!! We were so excited. We were praying and praying to be led by the Holy Spirit to those who were ready to hear it and man did they come. Then the trials started. It was so difficult to find anybody!! It is another vacation time again down I said two weeks don't go by without them having vacation...but nobody was ever home! It was so difficult to get lessons. I couldn't understand why the Lord would lead us to all these great people then not allow us to find them ever again. So I prayed a lot to have the opportunity to share our message with them. Then on Saturday still nobody was home. Then Sunday came and we set out to look again. We wound up finding nearly all of them! We have appointments set up with all of them again now! I was reading in the Bible this morning in 1 Peter and some other places where it is said that we receive no witness until after the trial of our faith. I thought this must be true. The last month has definitely been trying many a time but I realize now the Lord is preparing me. He is teaching me all these things at this point in my mission so I can be even better and know how to react to them later in my mission and in life! As Joseph Smith once said ''sometimes the Lord brings us down so he can lift us even higher''. These times of hardship will make the times of success even sweeter and we will see many blessings.

We are working with our investigator who was a smoker. We talked to him yesterday night and he hadn't smoked yet that day which was awesome! We really stressed no more smoking  this week so he could be prepared for Saturday. He said he was ready for the baptism this Saturday and that is what he wants. 

We also have another family we are working with. We are really working hard with the husband. He is really hesitant about changing religions but we know he feels the spirit when we are there teaching him. We are really focusing and fasting for him this week.

That's about it for this week. We might have transfers next week but I am pretty sure I will stay! We will see though. You never know!!

Love ya all!! Keep being awesome!!

Elder O'Brien

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