Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bowling for investigators

Hey fam!!

Well it's been a real great week! They truly get faster and faster the
further you get along! We had a conference with all of the new elders
that came down with me. It was really great to see them all again!
They all sound like they are really doing great. We just had a meeting
cuz now that we have a little time in the mission they wanted to make
sure we were doing everything right and let us know how we could all improve. It
was really great! I learned a couple pointers that I felt I could really
put to use to help me down here.

We still didn't get our baptisms we wanted! This week though it is
going to happen! We have just had such a hard time getting those two
married! Man it is a hassle haha.

We have been working a lot with our other investigators. We have ten
planned baptisms for this next month I believe so we are really going
to work with all of them and do our best every day so we can have them
all baptized. It is getting near the end of President and Sister
Jesperson's time here so we want to be sure they can leave with a

We are about to go bowling with some of our investigators so this
might be a little shorter than normal cuz we are running late. They
are doing great though! They have come to church two Sundays in a row
and all the activities. We love being with them and having the
opportunity to teach them becuase they were truly chosen of the Lord.

Oh so the zone leaders were messing with me and I didn't get
the package. They told me they were eating all my candy and took all
my new ties so I believed them!! Oh those guys! I'll have to get them
back sometime!

I got a lot of letters this week! It was good to hear from them all. It was
hard to concentrate for like an hour after I read them so I am going to
start reading them only on P days so it doesn't distract me during the week.

One fun thing we did this week was play soccer for a bit with some
kids then found the one with the ¨fire in his eyes¨. We gave him a
pamplet of the restoration and told him we would be back the next day
to see his family. We went back and they were way cool! They had
talked to the missionaries when the 14 year old kid we were playing
with was really little so they loved the missionaries. They invited us
right in for cantelope and raspberries. Oh man it was good! Reminded
me of home. OH i loved it! I feel we will really be able to have
success with them. I am really excited to go back!

We continue to improve. Our numbers keep going up and up personally.
Church attendance is also improving dramatically. My first week we had
40 and in two weeks it is almost up to 60 in sacrament! It is so great
to see results like that! Makes you feel like all your efforts are
really making a difference!

Still haven't gotten sick from anything! Everyone is telling me my day
will come! I'm going to avoid it for as long as possible!

Well we're headed out but I hope you liked this letter.

Love ya!! Thanks for all your support!

Elder O'Brien

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