Monday, April 30, 2012

The sloppy joe lesson

Hey fam!!

Well no kidding this week seems to have gone by faster than any other that I've had. Elder Kennedy and I set some high goals for the week so we were working hard every day to fulfill them! Man I was beat yesterday!

We did not get our baptism this week that we were hoping for because the lady's mother got sick so she had to leave town. We are going to go back to her house this week to make it for ASAP. She totally has her answer that it is true and she told us about her experience of how she knows. She seems just a bit scared to commit so we are working with her a lot about faith. 

We took some time today to get that couple married. We are looking to have them married by Thursday so we can have their baptism this weekend. There was a lot of stress with them because they told us they would have everything done so they could be married by the end of last week. When they went to set the appointments they couldn't have it done until mid May! Then they told us they were wanting to move in two weeks also! YIKES!!!! I was like....we are NOT going to lose them!! Elder Kennedy worked and prayed hard the night they told us that. We were able to find ways to get all their premarital stuff done by this week so it looks like it will all work out!!

We began working with another family this week. She was a reference from an open house and her name is Sandra. We visited her last week and she told us there is NO way her husband would listen to us. So we scheduled a time when we knew her husband, Mario, and all her family would be there. We had a brief first lesson and really focused on gaining their trust and it turned out great! We went back again this week and made sloppy joes with them. The husband loved them!! haha. He is a real fun guy. We used the recipe of the sloppy joes and compared it to the recipe of the church Christ established with a prophet, apostles, authority, and revelation. It went great! They came to church this week and we also have a baptismal date for them in a couple weeks.

The Spirit has really been working great with Elder Kennedy and I. I told you I had a feeling we would work well together and it is true. Elder Kennedy, the Spirit, and I are unstoppable haha.

What else is cool down rained for the first time down here. Well since I have been here at least. It was pretty hard for about twenty or thirty minutes and that was it. We are in the hot season right now and I believe the rainy season starts in July. That is if I am still here in the city.

Well look forward to opening the package and hearing from you next week! Keep being great! Love you all!!

Elder O'Brien 

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