Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Transfer time!

Hey there fam!!
It is true that the days keep going by faster and faster. I can´t believe I have been out in Mexico for a month already! It´s true out here that when you have goals constantly set and are working hard to achieve them it feels like you don´t have enough time in the day rather than just waiting for the time to pass by.
We had our first transfers today. I didn´t go too far. I am still in the same zone but I am out in an area called Libertad now. It´s about five to ten minutes from my old house in a taxi so not bad at all. I will still see familiar faces every week for P day and district meetings which is nice. The only scary part is that we are reopening the area which means that there weren't missionaries here before us so we are having to find everything out for ourselves. We just got here a couple hours ago and still need to meet the bishop and stuff so we can get the ball rolling. I am excited to have the opportunity to reopen the area because I will really get to see the area grow from when I open it until I am called to serve somewhere else. It doesn´t sound too easy but hey life would be quite boring if it didn´t have its rough patches. My new companion is Elder Kennedy. He is from Sandy, Utah. I haven´t got to know him too much yet but I am excited to! I have a feeling we will have much success together as we stay focused and work hard.  One of the great purposes of life is to cultivate ourselves to be the best we can be. So as we improve our weaknesses we become more and more well rounded and become our best selves!

Easter here is really different. Like at church no one seemed to really treat it as a different day. There were sure a lot more people at the church but I didn´t notice a difference other than that. No gifts or anything. Kind of different but that is okay! There were people shooting off firecrackers in the streets on Saturday night so that was cool!
I got to work out in another area for a couple days this week. I worked with Elders Rueda and Jones. They are studly missionaries! We had been praying a lot to find the investigators that are chosen. When we went on splits that day I was with Elder Rueda and everyone we wanted to teach fell through. We started walking down the road and found an older family outside their home. We talked to them for a while and actually wound up teaching the plan of salvation. It turned out that one of their sons became blind a little while back and I didn´t know it but during the lesson I felt prompted to tell them that with the Resurrection our bodies will be perfected. I didn´t know until after that the son was blind but then I understood the Spirit was truly speaking through me as I was brave and opened my mouth to testify of the things I know to be true. It is amazing what the Spirit can do. I found out a couple days later they have a baptismal date for a couple more weeks in the future. I am very excited for them!
Well that´s about all I have time for but miss you all tons and love hearing from you! Keep being great and focused on the things that matter most.
Love ya,
Elder O´Brien

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