Friday, April 6, 2012

lo que es Cabeza?

Dear fam!!
We did get to listen to general conference this weekend! It was great! I didn´t get a ton out of the sessions on Saturday though cuz I listened to them in Spanish. I got the general message of them but not too much more than that. Though for priesthood and Sunday sessions we got an English television set up for those of us who speak English so we could understand better and get more out of it during the sessions. For the thirty seconds I got to be in the conference center once I loved it! The Spirit is so strong in that room! Well not really a room cuz it´s giant but you know what I mean....
I did hear about David Archuleta going into the MTC and yes we are on a first name basis haha. I missed it but I heard you could see him on the camera when the missionaries from the MTC sang on Saturday.
Jacob and Sergio
Our baptisms worked out great!  We are hoping to have another one this weekend!

Well some answers to your questions...not going to lie...when I first got to the apartment I thought...this is kind of I realize how blessed we are to live there. It´s probably the biggest house I have been in down here. There are two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a kitchen area.
quick load of laundry

There is a Walmart down here but I only went to it once. There are just a bunch of tiny little stores that we go to when we need stuff. They are on like every corner. Most people just sell different things outside their house also. Like tacos or  "American Clothes" haha.

Today I ate cabeza which is the forehead of the cow...that was cool I suppose. Not the best meat in the world by any means but not too bad at all!  We eat tortilla with just about everything. A lot of different kind of soups with some meat and vegetables and such. Peppers....meat...tortilla. I like it though!  We get fed every day except p days when we usually go out to eat. We eat at about 2 or 3 with a member every day. We don´t get a ton of member references but they do invite a lot of their friends to church. Most of the people we teach are references from others we have taught and a lot of people we meet on the street. We are expected to talk with at least 200 people on the street every week! We can listen to music. It´s pretty much all English cuz all the church songs are in English.  My companions are pretty cool. Elder Santiago and Elder Peña are both great missionaries and I am learning a ton from them.

The language is coming along. I am learning quite a bit. I am getting better every day! Sometimes I don´t realize it but I am improving. It´s still difficult to understand the natives at times cuz they slur their words so much but I am getting more and more accustomed to it. I watched conference in the church because the people need the channel where there is someone translating and they can only get that at the church. I like it that way a lot more though. It´s much easier to pay attention when you are dressed up and sitting in the chapel.
Funny story. So yesterday I waved at the bishop's daughter who is like 3 years old and she just looked at me....crossed her arms...gave me the head nod and though she didn´t say it I swear I could hear her say ´´what's up´´ haha so cute!
We played soccer for like 3 hours today. I didn't know we would be out there that long so I got a nice little burn today because I forgot sun screen! That´ll look pretty! You´d be proud of me. I scored six of our ten goals today and as a prize we won the ball haha. We played against the other zone down here.
Well from conference this week the central messages I got were the family and leadership. I noticed a lot of emphasis was put on the family and how we can strengthen them. I also learned a lot about leadership. I have been reading a lot in the scriptures about how to lead and I am learning a lot of how I can be an even better leader if I am called to do so.
We have been really busy and I learn a lot every week and I hope others are learning from me also.
Love you all!!!
Elder O´Brien

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