Friday, March 30, 2012

It's gotta be the fruit

Well this week went by really quickly! I couldn´t believe it was already P day again!
We have been doing a lot this week! We are looking to have baptisms this upcoming Saturday after the conference session! I´m way excited for that. It is a mother and one of her sons. They came to church with us this week and really seemed to enjoy it!
I figured I would include just some other cool facts about Mexico. They have the best fruits! There are a lot more types here and they are SOOO GOOD! In fact some people just throw them at me cuz I love them so much. No...but literally someone pegged me with a lime this week! Weirdest thing ever!! I was just walking along and it felt like someone punched me. So i turned to Elder Peña and said ¨Hey qué hize!¨ which means...¨hey what did i do!¨ he turned to me and said ´What!¨. Then we saw a lime rolling down the road and started laughing cuz someone had thrown a lime at me! It left a nice little welt for a couple days hahaha.
We ate the greatest lunch one day this week! It was like a fried pepper with shrimp inside! I thought it was going to be the weirdest thing ever but oh my thing I have ever eaten in my life! I´ll try to send a picture of it.
The eating schedule is a little weird here too. They eat breakfast but don´t have lunch until 230ish but it is a really big meal. Then they don´t really have a dinner. I eat a little different though cuz I´m a little bigger than most the people here and I need something to keep me going throughout the day so I usually have breakfast, a small lunch type snack around 11, their lunch at 230 or 3, then another snack type dinner when we get home at 9 or 930.
The church buildings are like ours for the most part except they don´t have basketball courts inside though they do have a small cultural hall type thing. The basketball court and soccer areas are outside the building. It´s pretty neat! They also have a foosball game in the church so we like to go play that for like an hour every P day. I haven't seen the temple yet but hopefully we´ll get to see it sometime. It is in the other mission so probably not.
Hmmm what else is new or cool...
We have cold showers...that is always cool. Literally. They are so cold that I usually just take one every couple days or when I smell bad. Haha just kidding it´s not bad at all.

No bad food this week. We did have one thing that wasn´t my favorite. I´m pretty sure it was fried bologna? I just didn´t ask. Not bad just different. One lunch Elder Santiago said the meat we were eating was monkey. I just kinda smiled and laughed and prayed he was kidding. It tasted good though so I´m just going to keep telling myself it was normal. 

We have some really good music up here. I have fallen in love with Christmas music again. Taylor Swift and David Archuleta Christmas songs are the bomb. We only listen to the spiritually uplifting ones of course haha.

One day we had been listening to the Christmas music and at the end of the day I decided to sit down and read my scriptures a bit more. I was reading in the first chapter of third Nephi which is about just before Christ was born into the world. I read the part when Christ says to fear not for on the morrow he would be born into the world. The words of Taylor Swift´s version of ¨Silent Night¨ came into my head and I just felt so much peace. Even though it is the end of March and about 80 degrees down here the Spirit of Christmas came into my heart and I could just feel the love of the Savior. One who had created the earth was willing to condescend below all things and come down to the earth and suffer the worst of the worst by his brethren and through all of this he spoke not a vile word nor did he have a vile thought. When lifted upon the cross he cried unto our Father that He might have mercy on them for what they were doing. I just know the love of the Savior is so real and as we read the scriptures and turn to our Father in prayer we can feel the love they have for us.

It was a great week! Don´t get me wrong, there were those rough moments. You wouldn´t believe how many different emotions you pass through in a single week. I think I am beginning to understand why women are so crazy!! haha just kiddin ;) but it is because of that love of the Savior I can continue to endure and work hard as I strive to follow the example of the Savior.
Love you!! Have a great week!
Elder O´Brien :D

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