Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello, Spokane! and goodbye!

Here is Jacob's email from March 5th

 It's definitely hard up here cuz there are a lot of people that don't want to listen but it's made me look back to how strong of a testimony I have and strengthen it even more! One awesome activity that we have been doing here is reading through the entire Book of Mormon again and marking: 1) Every time a reference to Christ is made 2)Characteristics of Christ 3)The direct words that Christ has spoken. It's amazing how much you are able to learn from this activity! Though it gets difficult in the Isaiah chapters haha. None the less I love it!

Well to update you since last Monday:

Monday: Flew to Phoenix and grabbed some lunch. Flew to Spokane. On the plane I discussed religion a bit with a gentleman. He accepted my pass along card which was awesome! At the airport we met the Mission President and his wife. They were so great! We got to spend the night at the mission home with them.

Tuesday: We met our trainers. My trainer's name is Joshua Wheeler. He is from Tucson, Arizona and is teaching me a lot. My other companion is Elder Uri Saucedo. He is from Mexico City so I get to practice my Spanish with him a lot which is quite the blessing becuase we are in an English speaking ward. We went out that first day and had a tour of the church with a non member. I didn't even have time to prepare which was a little scary but I feel I did really well. She didn't accept the invitation to be baptized but we meet with her again this week. We also taught a couple other lessons. I also went tracting right off the bat. I got turned down the first couple times but then we found a very elderly woman named Emma. She was great! She accepted a church tour also but got sick. We're going to drop by again this week to see her and hopefully she will be able to go this week!

Since then I have been giving a lot of lessons. Mostly to less active members but we got quite a few of the less actives to attend church this week which was amazing! It is such a blessing to see results from all your efforts. We have two investigating families and one other investigator. The one is named Jake and he is pretty much all ready for baptism but his date isn't until the 7th of April. He is so funny! He was taught the word of wisdom before I got here and he keeps some beer to see if he is even tempted and he says he never has the desire to go open one. He likes giving us elders a hard time! The other families have a long way to go but I will be challenging one of them to baptism this week. I'm way exicted to do that! I know I was meant to come up here also because I am so well able to relate to the people up here. I am able to share experiences from my life that I know can bless theirs.

Well I guess I should tell you where exactly I am huh? Haha sorry. Well I live in a little town called Spirit Lake, Idaho. Yeah back in Idaho. YAY! haha. Try to find that on google maps! haha. It's tiny! A slightly bigger town next to us is called Rathdrum. That is where the church is! It's pretty cold, lots of snow but all is going great! Got up into the 50's this week! It felt great! 
Not sure how much longer I will be up here but there's that for ya!

I'm loving it! Learning a ton! Getting fed well! I'm so glad I got to come here before Mexico. Really got to know how to be a great missionary in English so I can use all my knowledge is Spanish. Exicted to get down there but I love it here also!

We received another surprise phone call from Jacob on March 8th.   He was leaving the Spokane Mission and going back to Provo for a few days.  His visa was finally getting finished and he should be headed for Guadalajara by Tuesday.  Very exciting!

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