Friday, March 16, 2012

He made it!

hey fam

well i´m here in mexico. i´m not sure exactly how to use this computer so that´s why this won´t be very well punctuated. well i will be serving in the area called reforma. it is just west of guadalajara. i hear neither of my companions there speak english so that will be a party and a half haha. it is really hard to understand people here because they talk so fast but i´m excited to learn so i can talk like them. so far we have just been in the mission office and with the assistants, the president, and his wife. we have been eating really well at these really good taco places around town. never knew mexican food got this good haha. maybe i´ll gain a pound or two here. well i am doing great so far and i will be able to send you a real email on monday. i´m not sure what time or anything but monday is our p day. well i´m doing great, excited to be out here and i know the lord will bless me as i am obedient and serve with an eye single to the glory of God. talk to ya later


elder o´brien

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