Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keep the Faith

Hey fam!!

Well eating the forehead of a cow was good. Well kind of. It's not my favorite type of taco here but it's not bad at all. We had it again with the bishop's family this week. It's a fattier meat but it's okay.

Yesterday I didn't have Mexican food for the first time. Instead we had spaghetti. Oh man it was good. I sure missed that Italian food! Though I think the Mexican food is starting to grow on me! That will be a problem when I get back haha. We'll have to eat at the restaraunt Fiesta Guadalajara when I get back. I'll order us the real Mexican food! haha. 

Well I have gotten to know Elder Kennedy much better!  He is good for me because he gets me to speak more. I am really understanding a lot more of the Spanish. We had a zone fast so that we could work hard this month to complete our goals. I also prayed for the gift of tongues because I really want to have the language down by the time Mother's Day comes around. Only a month away! You excited to talk? I know yes so don't even try to fool me.

So we have some really cool investigators who had already been taught everything.  We just need to get them married and baptized. They are really cool. Young couple that is really funny! Sometimes I don't get their jokes until after but they are funny! They gave us some weird water. They said it is purified water from this weird plant.
Well pretty much all of our investigators are new so we are talking a lot about the first lesson which is the Restoration. You can see it in Preach My Gospel chapter 3 lesson 1. It's pretty cool. We have a lot of different types of scriptures that we can share during the lessons so it just depends on the person and what the Spirit tells us to share. We are there just to open our mouths. The Spirit puts out all the words. One of my favorite scriptures to share with that is the Joseph Smith History verses 16 and 17. The Spirit is really strong when we share that one with people.

Cool story from yesterday. We are expected to have at least 5 investigators in church every week. We invited a ton and they said they were coming. We completely did our part to get them there. One was sick. The another's mom got sick. Others just didn't show. I was a little upset but it wasn't too big of a deal because we can give tours of the church during the services to people on the street and it counts. We set out to do so and this is where it got rough. We were working and working for about an hour and no one would agree to come check out the church. I got really frustrated. I thought...Lord I am working hard. I know you want me to complete. I want to complete. Why won't you direct me to the people that are prepared at this time so we can do our part? I kept getting more and more frustrated as still no one would listen. About fifteen minutes later I just said okay Lord thy will be done. If we don't complete I know I did all I could. All my faith was gone. Then just minutes later someone said yes. Oh man I was thrilled. We gave them the tour then right after two more. Then three more. It was a miracle! We finished everything. I was talking to Elder Kennedy after and he told me something that one of the assistants told him a couple days earlier. It's when you start to lose faith that you start to lose. I should have lost that day because I did lose my faith but that was one of the tender mercies of the Lord that Nephi teaches us about. I learned true faith is never ceasing.

Thanks for everything! LoVe yA.

Elder O'Brien

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