Saturday, May 12, 2012

Taylor hasn't written yet...

 Hey fam!!

Oh man things are getting exciting. I can't believe we get to skype this week!! We will be doing it at 5 o'clock your time. 5...5...5... don't forget haha. Yeah I asked my President also and he said it was fine so we are all good! 

The limit that we have to skype for is one hour. They made a big deal that it is ONE HOUR haha. It will be good though!

Mexican President Uchtdorf

I got the Easter package you sent on April 1st so that finally got here. So packages take about a month. I will probably get your other one real quick here. I also got some letters this week. The weeks all blend together anymore haha. The weather isn't too bad. Everyone that lives here complains about it but it's really not too bad at all. Maybe around the 90s tops but there is almost always a little breeze to go with it. The rainy season should be starting up in a couple months and here when it rains it pours I have heard so I am enjoying the sun while I've got it!

Oh that's so weird that everyone is graduating! I can't believe it was a year ago that I did already! Oh man time is a scary concept! Is McKenzie getting excited for graduation! More for just all the parties I am guessing. We all know that is the best part haha.

Well Elder Kennedy and I set pretty awesome goals for the month of May. We are fasting and praying a lot that we can fulfill all of them. We need a lot of faith to complete it! We are excited to have a baptism this Saturday.  We have helped him to quit smoking, and he has been a great person to work with. I actually gave him those Andes Mints you sent. Sorry, but it was for a good cause :)  It is really exciting to really see the work progressing here! We went from an area with virtually 0 investigators to having many families talking with us! It is such a tender mercy of the Lord and such a blessing because we have really been working our hardest every week!

This week was a little bit tougher because my companion had a leadership conference in the offices two of the days for almost the whole day so it was much harder to meet with everyone but we just about got them all. I felt very accomplished for what we were able to do with the time we had. 

Bowling last week was great! It was exactly the same as cosmic bowling back home. It is hard to really show my personality in spanish still cuz it is hard to joke and all but we all really enjoyed ourselves!

Our houses are getting checked this week to see if they are clean so Elder Kennedy and I are busy cleaning today! We have kept it really well except for the stuff that was already there when we came like some weird stain thing on the tile and some marks on the wall but all will be good!
The hardest thing to believe is that we are already a week into May! All my friends will be leaving soon! Man life is crazy! 

We played futbol against another zone today. My companion and I enjoy playing on our P day, and there never seems to be a shortage of people here who want to play. 
jalapeno with shrimp. yum!

Other than that all is great! I am really enjoying myself. We are working hard and I know as we continue to do so and have lots of faith, my companion and I will see many miracles this month of May. We are already beginning to see little ones happen nearly every day!

Thanks for the package and the songs from McKenzie. Oh I can't wait to hear Taylor Swift's beloved voice again! Give her my address. She might want to write me also. Oh even better she'll write a song about writing me and it will be a big hit. ''I can see it now'' ;) if you don't get that joke just ask Mark when he comes over this week. haha. 

¡Les amo mucho!

¡Hasta Sabado!

Elder Guapo O'Brien ;)

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