Saturday, September 14, 2013

On the road again

Dear Family,

It was really great to hear from you all. It makes me really happy that all are doing so well. The Lord continues to bless the family much.

It sounds like this week was no lack of excitement either. It truly does sound like Ashley is going to be liking this year of school a lot! Does she have a lot of hard classes for this year? McKenzie sounds like she is really excited to get classes started up again also! Does she have all her classes set up also? That is so great that everyone is helping you out so much after the surgery mom. How long did they say you will have to take it easy for?

Well this week was no lack of excitement for us here in Chapala either. On Tuesday I got to travel two hours to go to the district meeting in Tizapan. Then I headed another hour to the area of Sahuayo. It was a good experience to now know all the areas that are in our zone. In Tizapan I was with Elder Amaro. He is a really great Elder from Tamulipas which is right up by Texas.

Then on Friday we were off and traveling again. Nearly two hours to the area of Ocotlan. We did a baptismal interview there and then we headed off in divisiones again. I came back to Chapala with the Elder Shuster. I have known him nearly since I arrived here in Mexico also. He is a great guy! He is from California and he is just about to finish his mission also!

One great thing that we were able to do was go with Sister Liliani. She is the reference that we received not too long ago. She is progressing a ton! She now has gone to church 4 weeks in a row! She continues to surprise us with her desires to become closer to God! She will not be able to be baptized this week but we hope to have everything ready for the following week!

We also have an investigator who worked until midnight on Saturday but she was there on Sunday ready to go to church. The even greater thing was that she brought a friend. Today we are going to visit them again to continue explaining more.

I really liked the picture of McKenzie's birthday. She really seemed to enjoy that banana cream pie! I hope you (mom and dad) had a good anniversary also! A very eventful weekend!

May you all have a really great week! Keep having lots of fun and get well soon mom!

Love ya!

Elder O'Brien :)

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